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Sentirse Vivo es un Privilegio

En el mundo  hay lugar para todos. Me llamo Sofía Grosso tengo 21 años y vengo de Gral. Pico La Pampa, Argentina. Siento que  es una bendición sentirnos vivos en estos tiempos y la creación  de Barba me hizo sentir así. Fue una de las experiencias  más importante en mi vida. Es mi primera obra …

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The Perfect Environment for Exploration

Before any of us even crosses the threshold, we DARE to go BEYOND. We step into a room full of spirit, an instant sense of community envelops us. Dream-filled gazes meet others, sparking connections before words are even exchanged. After introductions and reencounters, we dive into the week’s activities, fueled by the shared passion and …

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Inspiration, Exhaustion, Emotion & Passion

As I reflect on my first week in R.Evolución Latina’s Beyond The Workshop Series, I don’t know where to begin. My mind is filled with inspiration, exhaustion, emotion, passion, ten different body percussion rhythms, and lyrics from beautiful music, all of which have been absorbed over the last 5 days. It feels both like I’ve …

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Where to even begin? BWS 2024

¡HOLA FAMILIA! It’s been quite a journey lately for all of us in the Beyond Workshop Series 2024 … Where to even begin? This first week has been an incredibly enriching journey, one that has resonated deeply within me. Picture this: singing, dancing, acting, engaging with new amazing material—all alongside such a vibrant community of …

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Me hubiera gustado ser maestra

“Me hubiera gustado ser maestra*.” I remember my abuela saying to me when I asked her what she would have been if she could’ve gone to university.  Thanks to R.Evolución Latina, I was able to see Radical directed by Christopher Zalla and starring Eugenio Derbez. Based on a true story,the film follows the sixth-graders of Jose Urbina Lopez …

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Photo Flash! Beyond: A R.Evolución Latina Documentary

Broadway Artists and Industry Professionals join R.Evolución Latina for the Premiere of BEYOND:A R.Evolución Latina Documentary R.Evolución Latina (RL) celebrates the training and community of artists through the premiere event of BEYOND: A R.Evolución Latina Documentary at Dolby 88 Cinema in Midtown. The Beyond Workshop Series (BWS) was born out of a need for high-quality training …

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