The Perfect Environment for Exploration

Before any of us even crosses the threshold, we DARE to go BEYOND.

We step into a room full of spirit, an instant sense of community envelops us. Dream-filled gazes meet others, sparking connections before words are even exchanged. After introductions and reencounters, we dive into the week’s activities, fueled by the shared passion and determination pulsating within each of us.

One of the workshop’s main focuses is Body Percussion—an art form many of us are new to, yet each day, we find ourselves drawn deeper into its captivating storytelling potential. As we gradually integrate learned phrases, we embark on collaborative explorations, crafting ensemble pieces that resonate with our shared experiences.

Finally, as we gather to present our creations, we engage in reflective dialogue, prompting questions like “How do we find the balance between precision and authenticity in our performances?” Getting to learn through the development of a new musical like “BARBA” and working with the creators in the same room simultaneously is a truly unique and precious opportunity. It creates the perfect environment for exploration, where making mistakes is not only accepted but an essential part of the learning process. The space is our playground, and it encourages us to trust our instincts, knowing that authenticity is the path to uncovering true beauty in our work.

By: Luisa Buenrostro

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