The Circle Effect

Our programs are fueled by The Circle Effect, a self-sustaining cycle whereby individuals experience inspiring growth and in the process, discover their ability to inspire others.

This professional development program provides training to Latino artists through a series of class disciplines such as voice, acting, stage combat, audition technique, contemporary dance, musical theater, ballet, hip hop, Latin jazz, and much more. Through this training process, students face challenges that build their self-confidence and develop the critical leadership skills required to unite our community. This program is led by a team of experienced professional artists from the Broadway, film and television industries. As a result of this program, a strong foundation of empowered artists are made aware of their full capabilities and are compelled to give back. Completion of the Beyond Workshop Series is followed by the artist donating their time to RL for six months after the program, becoming a role model that will exponentially change the face of our community.

Our annual week-long summer camp where Latino and Broadway performers teach dance, voice, acting, and other performing arts to children, ages 7 to 17 from various schools and community organizations throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Through the arts children develop an awareness of social issues such as health and environmental care. Social integration is established and teamwork is instilled in the participants. Children are challenged to achieve their goals and encouraged to push their own limits. As a result, participants build a stronger character and become inspired to believe in themselves, to appreciate the learning process, to overcome obstacles and to understand the value of never giving up.

We have witnessed that art can be the most valuable platform to educate and empower individuals. Through the disciplines of dance, theater, and music, this program brings our learning methodology into school classrooms to enhance the imagination, problem-solving, team-building, and critical-thinking skills of our youth. These much needed skills lend to excellence in areas of math, science, literacy, and languages. Each school program is customized to the needs of the school based on a collaborative assessment. Through group activities, students share ideas and are encouraged to take risks and accept challenges. As a result, the students develop their self confidence, respect and discipline.

As an organization we have access to the best talent on Broadway, film and television. R.Evolución Latina’s productions are unique because they show the complete story of our mission in action. They provide a platform for all artists, who have supported RL, to showcase their work and they give our adult students the opportunity to be part of a project that fosters growth. Finally our productions are a way for us to empower and reach audiences on a larger scale. Our productions include plays, dance festivals, musicals, concerts, music productions and more.

Our reach makes an impact in our communities by sharing our Dare to Go Beyond philosophy. From the five boroughs of NYC, throughout the United States, and now the world, our collaborations have the power to achieve positive change. Since the beginning we have been collaborating with individuals, Latino, and non Latino organizations with the purpose to unite and create a stronger impact in the community. We believe that the work that’s done together can make a difference.

Kids Beyond Broadway provides students who have Dared to Go Beyond in other R.Evolución Latina programs the magical experience of taking a trip to see the best of the arts today in person. Starting with live Broadway theater, our program has expanded to include local film screenings, dance festivals, and off-Broadway theater performances. In this program, we expose our youth to new stories and information that inspires them to create their own future and take action in their community.

The Circle Effect