Our History



This year we got to collaborate with Broadway Green Alliance and have our youth performers participate in their Broadway Earth Day Concert in Times Square. With this collaboration we were able to give an artistic opportunity along with a chance for our younger artists to advocate for climate change. Moreover, in February 2022 was our first in-person return to our Beyond Workshop Series once more in collaboration with Pregones/PRTT and the Raul Julia Training Unit. With this program we got to welcome 18 students to take 22 classes with us and were overjoyed to welcome Siti Company to have a residency with the Beyond Workshop Series.

Reconnect With Your Roots

RL's healing from the COVID-19 Shutdown continued in 2021 with a new theme: Reconnect With Your Roots. This year, we were proud to offer a scholarship in honor of Doreen Montalvo, creating an opportunity for individuals 30 years and older pursuing a professional career in the arts to receive a scholarship of $ 1,000. Continuing with a second year of an entirely virtual Beyond Workshop Series program, we offered 30 classes to 60 students ranging from Dance to Shakespeare. Moreover, we had the joy of returning to Puerto Rico with Tu Arte Reconstruye, reaching 250 people indirectly and directly. We bounce back!

Diverse and United

2020 has been a year that will never be forgotten in history as the year that the world stopped, but we continued the inspiration and community building we created together. We have been Diverse and United. Following this theme, starting just one week after the COVID-19 shutdown, RL sprung into action, recruiting 22 teaching artists to relieve the stress and uplift hearts by providing 52 dance classes and 20 Shakespeare classes in 6 weeks, free of charge to 620 adult students. Indeed, we connected with our students and our community and were able to help our teachers during these difficult times.

Unstoppable Voices

RL’s 2019 found inspiration with the Unstoppable Voices, standing up for what they believe in: from the people of Puerto Rico and Hong Kong demanding change to Greta Thunberg declaring an emergency for our planet. We continued to embrace this theme in our second year collaborating with Pregones/PRTT in new artistic endeavors through the Beyond Workshop Series and the Raul Julia Training Unit. Additionally, inspired by these words: Responsibility, Evolution, Volar (To fly) to dream, Latinos, Action, Art, and Travel, we produced our first online magazine to continue our mission to empower communities and inspire individuals to go beyond.

Art Rebuilds

RL dedicated its programming in NYC and worldwide to the theme Art Rebuilds. The R.Evolución Latina team started the year in Puerto Rico, bringing art to over 20 barrios on the island. Children and adults experienced the power of how art can uplift the spirit and bring an awareness of self-worth, importance, and responsibility. Moreover, through an incredible collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda, Telemundo, ToyRUs, and the Hispanic Federation, we joined efforts to distribute over 30,000 toys to kids in Puerto Rico in celebration of the Three Kings Day.

Together Possibilities Are Endless

As we celebrated R.Evolución Latina's 10th anniversary, our theme, Together Possibilities are Endless, directed our actions. We partnered with organizations and artists to empower communities devastated by Hurricane Maria's impact in Puerto Rico. RL wrapped up the year by putting our mission into action with a trip to the Island of Puerto Rico to identify damage and lift the people's spirits by bringing them music, dance, and the powerful inspiration that only the arts can deliver.


Throughout the year, the theme Bountiful was used as a thread to link our various programs and empower the members of our community. We were honored to bring back R.Evolución Latina’s Choreographers Festival. With eight choreographers, over 45 dancers, and the D1 Dance Company from Lima, Peru, we brought this dance experience to life at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. Moreover, through the 2016 BWS, Kids Beyond Broadway, and the 8th Annual D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp, we continued to impact our bountiful community.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story was the focus and drive of RL’s programs, events, interviews, and more in 2015. Guided by the belief that each of us has a different story that, if shared, will inspire and connect our community, RL continued to work for the community. From enabling an inspiring month of free training at the National Dance Institute for the BWS class of 2015 to taking 25 campers from the 2015 D2GB Summer Camp to On Your Feet, The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, RL sought to capture the power of stories.


Each year, we strive for a revolution of evolution that inspires and empowers through the Arts. RL’s second Annual Dance-a-Thon provided new economic strategies to support our growth and outreach as we continued engaging in new collaborations in NYC and globally. This year, BWS had an interdisciplinary format with dance, voice, and acting classes for 37 young artists, 25 from NYC, and 13 international participants from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

Cultural Exchange

A year devoted to Cultural Exchange to celebrate who we are and be empowered by our heritage, to understand one another better, and share our stories through music, dance, food, and literature. RL started its year focused on Cultural Exchange with the very first International Beyond Workshop Series, leaving a mark in the hearts of 70 students and teaching artists from Lima, Peru. Through cultural exchange, RL’s circle effect became a GLOBAL effect.


With a great motivation to expand RL’s worldwide impact, Our Beyond Workshop Series provided professional development to 60 local artists, fostering the development of leaders who continue to expand our mission. We granted our first international scholarship to a young artist from La Paz, México, and extended our global network. Indeed, RL’s global community outreach continues growing, extending its reach beyond NYC.

Going Beyond

Throughout 2011, the idea of GOING BEYOND and outside of NYC was born and developed. We empowered 50 dancers and celebrated the Peruvian community through a cultural exchange with Peruvian artists. Honoring D1 Dance, we enabled this venue for community building with the collaboration and partnership of Deutsche Bank. As we saw our artists grow and expand their careers, opportunities for Peruvian artists to come back to NYC after showcasing their talent were created. Indeed, it was now time for RL to expand beyond the boundaries of this city.


This year, our affiliation with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS aided and swiftly broadened our impact in ways few other organizations can match. With this network of support, we created an album of inspiration titled “Dare to Go Beyond,” designed to reach and inspire our children and the broader Latino and Artistic community. Additionally, our programming continued to expand with events such as the 3 Kings Day event with Teatro S.E.A. and a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.


In 2009, a year dedicated to expanding the reach of our recently established organization, we experienced remarkable growth. We harnessed the power of various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogs, to directly engage, empower, and inform our audience. Moreover, our active participation in numerous influential events hosted by organizations such as Broadway Cares, The Society of the Educational Arts, Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors, TeatroStageFest, and other like-minded entities helped us amplify our presence and promote awareness and empowerment.


With great excitement, our journey as an organization began in 2008. This year, our primary emphasis was on developing our mission. By collaborating with esteemed partners like Nike and Antonio Banderas, we extended our outreach to assist children, communities, and centers in need, including The Mercy Center and The Point. Quickly, this endeavor unveiled the profound impact of connecting professional Broadway artists with the Latino community. Indeed, this year set the stage for our upcoming work and growth.

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