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BWS+ Spring Schedule

BWS+ will continue to offer accessible continuing education and professional development workshops for the professional artist. Learn more about this season's schedule and programming today.


Applications for Doreen Montalvo “Do It Anyway" Scholarship will open on April 6th!

BARBA Wins Audiences

Proud to return to the stage with our showcase production musical! Audiences were ready to explore and learn more about Barba, A Brazilian Body Percussion Musical.

Raising Our Voices

Stories in Action

Sharing our stories is part of the focus and drive of RL’s programs, events, interviews and more. Each of us has a different story and by sharing it we can create a change.


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Reclaiming Our Creative Center & Magnifying Our Gifts
Apr 21 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Step into the transformative embrace of the Cocoon of Transformation—an immersive journey blending breath work, somatic movement, sound healing, and energetic release. Crafted to amplify your personal empowerment and radiance, this experience weaves together a tapestry of sound healing, aromatherapy, Earth medicine, and the power of your own presence. Uncover invaluable tools to nurture your healing and confidence far beyond the Cocoon. Emerge revitalized and poised to soar. Sign Up

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