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Me hubiera gustado ser maestra

“Me hubiera gustado ser maestra*.” I remember my abuela saying to me when I asked her what she would have been if she could’ve gone to university.  Thanks to R.Evolución Latina, I was able to see Radical directed by Christopher Zalla and starring Eugenio Derbez. Based on a true story,the film follows the sixth-graders of Jose Urbina Lopez …

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What a piece of work is a man!

Written by Marita A. McKee (BWS Class of 2023) Reimagining Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Fat Ham follows Juicy, a young Black queer man, as he grapples with his identity and the rather complicated task of avenging his father’s death (it is a tragedy, after all). And while I was somewhat familiar with the classic masterpiece, seeing this …

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Fat Ham on Broadway

By: Maria Belisario It is a challenge to instill the Shakespeare genre to the newer and younger minds of today, but Fat Ham has done just that. This 500-year-old story is turned upside down in a jam-packed 95-minute show, with no intermission! There were many moments where I laughed my butt off, where my heart …

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Kimberly Akimbo

 By: Kayci Rose Kimberly Akimbo was an extremely well-performed & well-written show. Centered on 16-year-old Kimberly, born with a disease that causes rapid-aging, the musical’s main message was to live life without letting anything or anyone hold you back. It also implored it’s audience to be unapologetically authentic; the universe will always send people who …

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I Need to Take more Risks

By Rebecca Girija Jimenez It’s easy to tell yourself, “I need to take more risks, I should step out of my comfort zone.” And sure, most of us try to, but rarely are we in environments where we feel safe and free enough to step out of our comfort zone and not judge ourselves. The …

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