Back to The Basics by Denisse Ambert

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Meeeee? Writing? Whyyyyy?

My team at R.Evolución Latina is all about DARING TO GO BEYOND. Can they take a break from it? Never! Every time there is an opportunity, we are pushing ourselves to meet new challenges.

This time… it’s me 🙂  And so I am here writing a BLOG! 


What can I really share?

I just turned 40 and to be honest it feels wonderful. Why? I’m living life day by day. This pandemic is showing me that we were out of our minds living a “HURRY UP” life, always having the excuse of “no time”. 

As I write, I keep asking myself what do people want to know about me? Like I said I’m 40, I have a son (a first grader), I’m married, I manage two companies and I’m a proud Puertorican. I have the blessing of writing this blog from my island, listening to the sound of waves. I’m simple, but at times for my husband I’m a diva. Sometimes I know what I want and sometimes I don’t. I enjoy talking and listening to people’s stories, and my favorite thing to do is to laugh out loud. 

I’m so grateful for many things in my life and one of them is for being the woman I have become in one of the greatest cities in the world; New York City. But hey friends, LIFE in this place is FAST just like you see in movies and in a matter of years, this city can transform you in a way that many times you end up not satisfied with anything because you keep looking for more.

I was looking at everyone and I was saying to myself… ¿están locos? or why am I not running the same race?  Why do we have to hurry to go everywhere? Why do we need to have 5 projects at the same time? At times I was going nuts with my friends because they never stopped. 

Every day I was getting more and more disconnected from social media. I was starting to believe that people’s posts were not necessarily aligned with their lives or their ways of living. I started asking myself what kind of life am I living? 

And…. then the UNEXPECTED 2020 ARRIVED! 

Out of nowhere, I became a homeschool teacher to my 1st grade son Hikari. Like many of us we made breakfast, lunch and dinner, worked from home, trying my best to keep balance with everyone’s energies and sometimes wanting to run away.  We spent 3 months in NYC during a Pandemic time where nobody knew what was happening, and as a family we decided to head back to our island of Puerto Rico looking for peace of mind and a space to think.

We came back HOME and our home had a few lessons for us. One of them was “Let’s go back to the basics.” Something that seems simple and so hard at the same time. 

We were blessed enough to arrive at a home in front of the ocean. All we had to do was to sit and watch nature.

It’s been 3 months since our arrival and every day out there LIFE is so different.  From cloudy days and heavy rains, to beautiful sunny days, strong winds from a tropical storm, loud thunderstorms, big waves and sometimes a beautiful lagoon. This magical place has to change, adapt, and transform daily to its reality and has to follow a cycle and connect with its purpose. What happened to us ?

We dont’ ever have time to sit and watch… because we want to run and do. Some of us don’t know what is like to flow with life and find joy in learning new experiences that will make us grow. We want to plan everything! Calendars full without any time to let CHANGE go through us to make us stronger and hopefully wiser. 

I know things in our society are very hard these days. I personally don’t follow much of the news, or even the pop culture way of living, but we need and want change. That CHANGE starts with us. 

I’m part of our group called “Light Ladies.” We are 7 different women, but when I say different we are very different 🙂 

First, we couldn’t be more diverse as we are from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, New York, Italy and Venezuela. We started meeting once a month back in 2019 to see each other, share a dinner together but the main idea was to light candle with a powerful meaning for that month.  The candle for September was wisdom, but we changed it to transformation! HA 🙂 

Why? We were forced to adjust and change.

For the past 6 months our meetings have been on Zoom. We are now in different cities, states, even countries, but our hearts and spirits are together. We continue to make the time to reflect, to listen, and to remind ourselves the basics of life. 

The basics! Family, Friends, Nature, Home, Simplicity, Time for us. 

For me I needed to connect with God. This greater power is helping me keep my life in balance and it’s helping me understand who I am today. I’m dreaming again, this is the beginning of any journey. I’m not afraid to say what I feel, I’m honest and I’m also Ok if I’m wrong.  I will continue to learn from my mistakes and opportunities, but I want to enjoy every moment of it. I want to BE.

Let’s go Back to the Basics:

As a woman… follow your heart, stand for what you believe, find your adventure and do it.
As a mother… listen and play more with your children.
As a wife…show your love and spend a lot of time in great conversations.
As a daughter…enjoy your parents as they are.
As a leader… the revolution starts at HOME.

By Denisse Ambert


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