Photo Flash! Beyond: A R.Evolución Latina Documentary

Broadway Artists and Industry Professionals join R.Evolución Latina for the Premiere of BEYOND:A R.Evolución Latina Documentary

R.Evolución Latina (RL) celebrates the training and community of artists through the premiere event of BEYOND: A R.Evolución Latina Documentary at Dolby 88 Cinema in Midtown.

The Beyond Workshop Series (BWS) was born out of a need for high-quality training for Latino artists to elevate their artistry and represent the Latino community onstage and beyond. Over the past 16 years RL has dedicated themselves to creating training that is accessible to artists on every step of their journey.

The 2023 Beyond Workshop Series focused on the power of Movement, embracing its transformative energy, weaving stories, connecting voices, within and beyond the creative community. Founder/ Artistic Director Luis Salgado led this year’s BWS artists as they were challenged to elevate their craft using movement as a tool for storytelling.

This documentary follows alongside an ensemble of artists from various backgrounds and experiences as they came together for intensive training. Over the course of the film you see artists participate in intense classes in Boxing, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Contemporary Dance, Devised Movement, and Music. This film created by Latina artists Claudia Mulet and Krystal Pagán takes audiences on the journey of artists Annabell Mizrahi, Manuela Agudelo, Kiwi Villalobos, and Emma Heistand as they blossomed during the workshop and continued to flourish in their creative pursuits thereafter. After finalizing their training, these students secured various performance opportunities ranging from national tours, to first-ever musical gigs, cruise lines, and various other performance ventures. Others recognized a deepened confidence in their work and are ready to embark on the continuous movement-fueled journey of being an artist: ever-growing and in constant motion.

Luis Salgado speaks on the night saying, “We see the growth of so many humans in this documentary, from our students to our creative team. This is a work of evolution and growth”.

This screening highlights the work of a stellar network of professional artists including Leon Ingulsrud (SITI Company: Three Sisters, Macbeth, and Antigone), Ellen Lauren (SITI Company: Persians, Trojan Women, Under Construction), Justin Ramos (Here Lies Love, Dear Evan Hansen, Moulin Rouge! The Musical), Rosalba Rolón (Founder Pregones/PRTT, Harlem Hellfighters on a Latin Beat), Alexandra Crosby (SIX The Musical), Kelsey Burns (Evita) , Shani Talmor (On Your Feet OBC, In the Heights – The Movie), and Valeria Cossu (In the Heights at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival).

Some of the artists present include Jaime Lozano, Florencia Cuenca, Reza Salazar, Victor Pablo, Angelica Beliard, Eddie Noel, Alena Watters, among others. RL Co-Founder Director Gabriela Garcia, and RL Team Director Matthew Steffens were part of this special night.

Founded in 2007, the BWS provides an adult educational scholarship for professional and emerging artists to deepen their craft. This program is held in collaboration with Pregones/PRTT’s Raul Julia Training Unit

The BWS 2023 participants also include: Andrés Sánchez Umaña, Angelica Ramirez, Annabell Mizrahi, Lina Moreno, Dan Mogollón, Emma Heistand, Ángela Rucas, Miriam Minguell Llovera, Agustina Casella, Andrea Parodi, Angelika Anastasio, Hara Zi, Kayci Rose, Kiana Rodriguez, Kiwi Villalobos, Manuela Agudelo, Marilyn Vigil-Harris, Marita McKee, Martin Gomez Sastre, Orisa Gutierrez, Raymond Xavier, Rebbekah Vega-Romero, Rebecca Jimenez, and Viviana Renteria.

This project will be submitted to film festivals to share the stories and impact that R.Evolución Latina’s mission has created.

Krystal Pagán and Claudia Mulet

Krystal Pagán, Luis Salgado (R.Evolución Latina Founder & Artistic Director), Denisse Ambert, Matthew Steffens (RL Team Director), Claudia Mulet

Luis Salgado & Gabriela Garcia (RL Co-Founder)

R.Evolución Latina’s 2023 Beyond Workshop Series Artists

Luis Salgado & Valeria Cossu

Manuela Agudelo & Sunny Roberts

Heather Hathaway Miranda, Larry Cook & Luis Salgado

Alena Watters

Reza Salazar

Angelica Beliard, Hikari Salgado-Ambert & Luis Salgado

Luke Virkstis & Luis Salgado

Ellen Lauren

Luis Salgado, Claudia Mulet, Shani Talmor, & Eddie Noel

Krystal Pagán & Victor Pablo

Jaime Lozano & Florencia Cuenca

Rosalba Rolón

Rebbekah Vega-Romero & Lillian Andrea De León (2023 Doreen Montalvo Scholarship Honoree and Final Recipient)

Akiko Aizawa & Leon Ingulsrud

Luis Salgado & Jaime Lozano

Monica Delgado & Matthew Steffens

Photos by: Leo Cabrera

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