The New Voice of Our Blog- Anel Carmona

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Hola Gente!!!

My name is Anel Carmona, and from this moment on I am dedicating myself to tell you awesome, magical and EXTRAORDINARY stories about cool, beautiful, brave, strong and DARING people who work every day to change the world.

These people are nothing less than ARTISTS who care about their community and go through their days inspiring other people, making a difference through the arts and, of course, DARING TO GO BEYOND, with every step they take.

At this moment you may be wondering: Who is this Anel girl who came out of no where and decided to be the voice of R.Evolución Latina to share the stories of all these people? Well, I´m a Mexican actress who traveled all the way to the big apple in order to get a New York experience and learn from the city with the biggest performing arts industry. That is why I´m very honored to be meeting all these artists and let myself be inspired by them to then share their stories with all of you.

In this blog you will find articles based on interviews with professional artists of all kinds. All of them are of different colors, sizes and nationalities. You´ll learn about their personal background, how they got involved in the arts and the way they inspire their community. Hopefully at the end you’ll be inspired as well and… you may want to give a little bit of yourself to other people!

Well, that´s all for now folks.

Enjoy this Marvelous blog and Dare to go beyond!!!


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