Sally Neiman

I arrived in NY thinking I was going to be here for only 4 months, but always hoping that I would stay indefinitely… Those 4 months became a year, and that year now adds up to to a little bit more than 3 years. I came to meet with R.Evolución Latina after being in NY for 9 months, and since then, it has become more than just part of my life; the people in the organization are those whom I call my family. Getting to know the organization convinced me that if I dared to go beyond I could achieve it all. Getting to know the people within R.Evolución Latina filled me with strength and showed me how to believe in myself when I most needed it… suddenly I was the newest member at CBS MoneyWatch video team. It has now been over two years since then and even though its impossible to say it all in one paragraph I can sum it up like this:  In these past two years I have grown enormously in both my personal and professional life. During this time R.Evolución Latina has always been sort of the back light, a push to always do better within the organization as I participated as the head of media department, covering all events, doing interviews and sharing them through videos. RL has been a source of inspiration from which I was able to write a song from my heart that made it into RL’s first CD, Dare to go Beyond: The Album. I have felt empowered, and most importantly, I carry with me the love of a family in my day to day life. Today I continue to grow as the advisor for the media department and in my own career at As always, as I celebrate my own career, the first thing that crosses my mind is, “I can’t wait to celebrate with my RL family”.


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