Elizabeth Maria Walsh is a young dancer from Miami who found herself struggling with the decision of following her heart and pursuing a career in dance (a career that many told her was not a real career) or settling into her 9-5 job after finishing school. She chose to dance in New York City in hopes that her passion and talent would help her make it in this very competitive world. While talking to a friend, Elizabeth was introduced to R.Evolución Latina, who happened to be holding auditions for the upcoming Choreographers Festival.  Elizabeth auditioned, was selected from hundreds of dancers who had auditioned, and performed in RL’s First Choreographers Festival alongside Dance Company D1 from Perú. Witnessing Dance Company D1′s first experience of coming to New York and seeing not only their incredible talent but their drive and motivation, Elizabeth was inspired to challenge herself as a dancer and, more importantly, as an artist. What she did not know was that meeting D1 and being a part of R.Evolución Latina would lead to one of the biggest adventures of her life. Since the summer of 2011 Elizabeth has been dancing with Dance Company D1 in Lima, Perú.She embraced herself as the passionate and talented dancer that she is and Dared to Go Beyond!