Meet Our 2013 Intern that GOES BEYOND

My name is Fior Perez. I am 16 years old from Dominican Republic and I am a 2013 intern at R.Evolución Latina and I attend Brooklyn International High School.

I chose R.Evolución Latina for my internship because I wanted to have a connection with the arts and learn things that artists do while working. In R.Evolución Latina I have learned so many things that have inspired me to go beyond. This organization dares all people to go beyond through the arts, because the arts can change your life in different ways. By doing this internship I was hoping to experience professional artists at work and see how they develop their instinct to go forward and never give up. In this internship I have learned a lot of things like never give up on your dreams because dreams do come true, you just have to fight for them. Believe in yourself because if you don’t and you think no one does, know that R.Evolución Latina believes in you and your talent. Now I know that all people including me have talent but we just have to believe in ourselves. The time that I have been working with R.Evolución Latina I have grown in many ways such as believing that everything is possible you just have to fight for it. Never give up, go beyond and now I feel like I’m more comfortable when I communicate with people that I don’t know. I adapted to share with older people than me and feel part of them even though I’m just 16. Also by being with people older than me, I have become more mature and confidence.

R.Evolución Latina gave me the opportunity to participate in the Ford Foundation performance where I had to sing in front of a lot of people. This was a challenge for me because I never thought I could sing and then I was doing this with professional artists such as Choco Orta, Luis Salgado and Ruben Flores. I was really excited and scared because I thought I would mess it up, but I tried because if I didn’t try I would never know that I can do it. Beyond Workshop Series students also participated in the performance, I consider them professionals because they took singing, dancing and Shakespeare classes in the BWS. They have more experience than me, they were really helpful and friendly to me when we were rehearsing for the performance. We only had three rehearsals but working with these amazing people I adsorbed like a sponge how to be connected with the people when you are performing and how to sing properly, which I didn’t know. All those people that I worked with, in the beginning I saw them as older people but then they were my friends, I wasn’t an intern anymore I was their equal and I felt really special.

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