Internship Opportunities

For the first time R.Evolución Latina will be offering a 2020 Internship Program. During this program our interns will work alongside a working professional within the industry and begin to develop and hone their personal mission. By pairing up with RL we are offering a job opportunity to add volunteer aspects, and community development programs that allow for the “circle effect” to be present in our artistic community.
During the internship program our interns will have the opportunity to be apart of our Beyond Workshop Series-an adult educational program that provides two weeks of free training, and four weeks of rehearsals that then lead into a Shakespeare production. While helping alongside the production, our main focus with this program is the opportunity to provide free hands-on experience and training for adult artists. Artists that our interns get to work with stem from all over the globe, with specialty in dance, composition, singing, directing, and producing.
With this internship program there will be the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a non-profit organization that strives to make a difference. Most importantly our interns will have the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist, while simultaneously giving back to their community at large.


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