BroadwayCon 2020 – A Diverse & United Broadway

By Mathew Oster

Broadway Con- a convention where like-minded artists who are all shapes, sizes, and colors come together to share their passion for theater.  What better way is there to spend a weekend?

I got the privilege to work the booth for R.Evolución Latina (R.L), and I have never been prouder not only of my heritage but of my field of choice.  Since I was little, theater has been a safe-haven.  The chubby, gay boy with a bowl cut didn’t fit in many places, and I never could find a group to embrace.  I think many of us at this convention have felt this way at one time or another in so many different ways, but through art we have found a home.

The Broadway community and R.Evolución Latina is my home and I’ve been fortunate enough make a career out of my art, and through this organization, I have been able to give back to a community I didn’t even know I belonged to until they caught my attention with their love and passion.  The work that RL does is truly incredible and to see it recognized through the masses is simply mind-blowing and heartwarming.

The amount of people who were excited to see us at Broadway Con again and excited to hear about the work we have done was overwhelming.  Not only from the people who have been affiliated with us in the past, but also from the people who learned about us just this weekend.

We had an entire program this weekend from a big performance at the main stage, and 2 panels with artists that are advocates of art and culture.  New people signed up our for our mailing list interested in our educational programs and events.

At our booth we created a beautiful puzzle of how to create a more diverse and united Broadway with hundreds of puzzle pieces.  We were able to share our community and expand amongst people who also want to make a difference and create something bigger and more inclusive in the Broadway community.

We are all different, whether it is our background or our gender or our sexual orientation, but we all have something in common and that is the love of the arts.  We can make a difference through the arts, and that is exactly what we did this weekend.  I am just thrilled that I was able to be a part of it and witness it.

Muchas Gracias a:

Our panelists: Choreographers Lorin Latarro, Graciela Daniele, Matthew Steffens, Alex Sanchez, Valeria Solomonoff and composer and writers Alex Dinelaris, Jaime Lozano, Michelle J. Rodriguez and Eric Ulloa. Many thanks to our dance performers and RL Friends.

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January 2020

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