2023 Beyond Workshop Series Conclusion

The Power of Movement

The 2023 Beyond Workshop Series invited 17 U.S. artists, and 6 international artists to join our programming this year. The focus of the workshop was on Movement and the power that our body and physical choices create onstage. Throughout an intensive two weeks, the ensemble got to explore Suzuki, Viewpoints, Salsa, Latin fusion, Body Percussion, and numerous other classes that focused on an artist’s physical training. 

The 2023 BWS ensemble consisted of previous BWS participants, new family members from our Doreen Montalvo Scholarship applicants, and artists hailing from Spain, Peru, and Colombia. Within hours of meeting one another, the ensemble bonded and began to challenge each other, work together, and create art with one another. 

As part of the RL family, our participants were invited to see performances in NYC including Kissing The Floor at Theatre Row and a flamenco concert at Pregones/PRTT.

What was different in this year’s program?

This year’s program included an overall focus that layered movement tools into all of the participants’ artistic endeavors. From adding Suzuki training into vocal warm-ups, allowing students to explore Viewpoints while reciting various texts, and adding movement alongside response pieces that ensemble members wrote – this year was an exploration of how movement informs and evokes emotions and stories to share with one another.

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Words from some of the Participants:

“Yesterday, we crossed more than just a border. Ayer cruzamos mucho más que una frontera.” -Raymond Xavier

“I’ve most importantly learned how important it is to train in movement because this is our instrument and we only have one of those in our entire life.” -Annabell Mizrahi

“It’s been thrilling to witness everyone’s creativity and to learn more about my own. I also feel really affirmed to be in a space that centers the value of the collective, and like I’m getting to meet mentors and peers who want to work together to make risky work in a way that can be so nourishing from a process perspective.” -Marilyn Vigil-Harris

Special Thanks to our Faculty & Team

Participants had the opportunity to work with professional artists from the Broadway, film & TV industries including RL Artistic Director Luis Salgado, Rosalba Rolón, Leon Ingulsrud, Ellen Lauren, Justin Ramos, Alex Crosby, Valeria Cossu, and Shani Talmor

This program was in partnership with: