2022 Beyond Workshop Series

Back in-person with a New Focus & New Teaching Artists

In 2022, BWS returned with a new focus and for the first time RL invited SITI Company to take residency at the Beyond Workshop Series. Two powerful artists, Ellen Lauren and Leon Ingulsrud elevated the work in the studio that aligned with our Shakespeare expert teacher Ian Hersey and dance teaching artists.

After 2 years of so much uncertainty and doubt, participants had the opportunity to ground themselves in their Art, their Truth, and in their Community. This group of young artists are ready to take action and be leaders in our community. 

This class of 18 artists was composed of past BWS participants, a young artist that has been part of RL since she was 12 years old as a camper in the Dare to Go Beyond summer camp and new family members that touched us during the Doreen Montalvo Scholarship selection process. As always this class quickly became a family that supported and challenged one another in the process of their growth as an ensemble, learning and sharing with one another.

As part of the RL family, participants were invited to several performances in NYC including The Music Man on Broadway and the invited dress rehearsal of SITI company’s show, The Medium at BAM.

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Special Thanks to our Faculty & Team

Participants had the opportunity to work with professional artists from the Broadway, film & TV industries including RL Artistic Director Luis Salgado, Ian Hersey, Matthew Steffens, Ray Mercer, Valeria Solomonoff, Gabriela García, Kelsey Burns, Valeria Cossu, and Bryan Menjivar. We had the honor to have Rosalba Rolón and Desmar Guevarra teachers from The Raul Julia Training Unit.

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