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Dance-A-Thon 2019

Our 7th Annual Fundraising Event raised $80,000! Broadway voices joined the fundraising efforts by inspiring others to give, each sharing a personal motto! Brett…

Unstoppable Voices

Be part of the Collective Power that Creates change at our 7th Annual Fundraising event. Raise your voice, speak out, take action and be Unstoppable.…


It is a beautiful afternoon and as I sit on my chair looking at the changing color of the leaves from the trees outside my window I meditate about the wonderful summer I’ve had.  I…

REvLat Magazine Issue 2

Welcome to REvLat Magazine 's 2019 Issue ... Visit us HERE

D2GB Camp 2019

2019's Camp was an  UNSTOPPABLE SUCCES!  Due to the example and inspiration of the performers and volunteers who donate their time to teach singing, acting or dance  we were able to affect the lives…

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