Joelle anderson “our unity in simply being human, led us forward”

As the past few weeks have gone by, since the production of “Bountiful: A Teacher’s Journey,” I have had a lot of time to reflect on the experience. Time to reflect on my own personal growth, as well as that of the collective group. All of which warms my heart.

Never had I ever been in a space where the pure being of the show was so intertwined with that
of the cast. I shared the space with individuals whose minds were filled with the most vibrant ideas, and whose hearts were filled with an abundant amount of love and trust.

Every warm and smiled-filled, “Hola, Buenos Dias,” created a sense of being welcomed, a sense of home. Daily company exercises, walking and sharing the space, gave us the ability to simply listen, and see each other, see the person in front of us, and value their being. As we each began to let go individually, we became part of a greater whole, filled with love and understanding. We were ready to share from a truly authentic place.

Our unity in simply being human, led us forward. There were no egos or personas, haves or have nots.  There were just an array of beautiful individual souls filled with a passionate pull to “dare to go beyond.” Bountiful at those moments was no longer just the title of the production, it was the very being of our community.

We were bountiful. We are bountiful.

Every time we shared the space, we shared ourselves. The choreographers, the cast, the music, the message, it all spoke to each of us. Collectively, it allowed for greater guidance and perspective. Bolts of inspiration. I found myself more comfortable within my vulnerability as a person, and as a performer. I found myself listening more intently as a student and acting more intuitively and full hearted as a teacher.
The Bountiful journey was one of the most inspiring experiences I have ever had, creating a deeper understanding between my actions, and inactions, and the world around me.

“Continue to expand, especially when your surroundings are resistant.”
Thank you Luis and the entire R.Evolución Latina Family. You’ve made me a better me, and I am eternally grateful for each of you being a part of my growth. You are all a part of my heart.

So much love,


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