The Tempest Experience


R.Evolución Latina and Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre collaborated for a second year to bring audiences a new vision of William Shakespeare’s Tempest.  This unique take on one Shakespeare’s final works was the result of a developmental process that nurtured the essence of our adult training program students.

For 4 performances in June Shakespeare’s heightened language met the rhythms of Latinx cultures, to tell this story’s comedy, drama, betrayal, and magic! Students has the opportunity to perform for full houses and awaken the hearts of the audience as they experienced the words, movement, music and talents of the 21 performers who never left the stage.

What people said after leaving the theatre…

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so glued to the edge of my seat during a Shakespeare production

The music was gorgeous, the movement was challenging and mesmerizing to watch, the design was majestic, and each performance was riveting. The ensemble was great at balancing the magic, hypnotism, and comedy of the piece.” -Christin Eve Cato

“I’m still shaking from the show. I didn’t want it to end: all those voices, colors, diversity from all parts of the world, and all that music!!! So much beauty. I didn’t want to leave. – Igor Correa Wetter

Awake, dear heart, awake! 

Devised by: Ian Hersey, Leon Ingulsrud and Luis Salgado & BWS Company

Guest Choreographers: Valeria Cossu, Gabriela Garcia, Laura Lebrón, Matthew Steffens and Ray Mercer

Associate Director: Valeria Cossu, Music Director:  Desmar Guevara Lighting Designer: Christopher Annas-Lee, Scenic Designer: Clifton Chadick,  Sound designer: Adam Smith, Projection Designer: Patrick Lord,  Costume Designer: Tina McCartney,  Graphic Designer: Victor Rodriguez,  Vocal Coach & Co-Arranger: Justin Ramos

Creative Producer: Heather Hogan, Executive Producer: Denisse Ambert


Emily Tafur, Francisco J. Rivera Rodriguez, Genesis Perdomo, Ismael Castillo, Jessica Carmona, Johanna Jhonston Bermudez, John Burgos, Josefina Lausirica, Laura D. Bustamante Lopez, Lisa Burgos, Maria J. Gutierrez Beron, Mariana Herrera Juri, Marlon Fernando Reina, Matthew Ting, Megan Khaziran, Melibelle Lavandier, Laura Lebrón, Samantha, Wallington, Samuel Garnica, Valeria Pérez, Vanina Frezza

Produced by: