Luis Salgado

Founder and Artistic Director

Luis Salgado considers himself a professional dreamer. He shares Paulo Coelho’s idea that “If you choose to follow the path of your dreams, commit yourself to it. Accept your path.” He left his hometown of Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, to follow his passion as a choreographer, director and educator in New York City. Naturally, Broadway caught his attention and every day he grew more attached to the community that shared his passion for art and theater. He has worked with community projects since he was 14 years-old and has made his personal mission to empower society through the arts and effect change, starting with his own people.

With the realization that helping others was paramount to him, he founded R.Evolución Latina. Luis sees art as a way to create positive and impactful social change. Along the way, he has also worked with young artists providing them with the tools needed to succeed through his teaching method and motto of “Dare to Go Beyond.” Leaving a trail of empowerment and hope is the daily challenge he gives himself. The organization’s name was inspired by Luis’ believes that those who reach their dreams should “Dare to Go Beyond;” that is, “Push your limits, take risks and accept challenges.”

Luis is recognized for excelling as an artist and leader. He is frequently invited to speak about arts and the Latino culture at community events. Luis is well known for his work as the Latin Assistant Choreographer of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, In The Heights. Most recently, he was part of the Gloria Estefan Broadway musical, On Your Feet as well as Associate Director for On Your Feet-Holland.

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