James Rushin


I’m constantly working on new musicals, including: We Will Not Be Silent, Captain Zuke, Dee, Khan!!!, and, recently, Cubamor (theatreC live broadcast). Some of my own musicals (Walken on Sunshine, Off With Her Maidenhead) have seen runs at venues off-broadway, at Merry-Go-Round, and at CMU.

I was lucky enough to be involved in a multitude of genres from an early age. I’m comfortable on stage and in studio in Hip Hop (Billy Pilgrim), Soul (Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution), Jazz (Ronnie Burrage), Improvised Musicals (Baby Wants Candy, Northcoast), Country (Maddie Georgi), Rock (Ribbons), Reggae (Rasta Rafiki), and Pop (Starbird and the Phoenix). I’ve played with acts opening for The Deftones, Tower of Power, and Nicki Minaj.

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