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Best of 2015

Note from director/founder Luis Salgado: Focusing on “Tell Your story “ as our theme this year made a huge impact on everyone that came in touch with our organization. We had the honor to hear many inspiring stories of those that dare to go beyond and follow their dreams from the mouths of our youth at camp to the artists that inspire hundreds on a Broadway stage 8 times a week. What we learned from listening is that we are filling a gap with the work we do and that Art truly is our strongest tool.

In 2016 we will continue to celebrate artists and individuals that work with, volunteer for and inspire our organization. We will produce our 2nd Choreographers Festival that will unite people through the language of dance and empower choreographers, dancers, and audience alike to make a difference and dare to go beyond. Through this production we will bring an international group of artists, audience members, and supporters together for a journey of self-discovery.
Tell your Story was the focus and drive of RL’s programs, events, interviews and more in 2015. We believe that each of us has a different story, that if shared will inspire and connect our community.

Beyond Workshop Series. 8 years providing training to over 700 artists in NYC and Latin America. A community of Artists growing together, overcoming fears, believing in themselves and becoming aware of the change they can create with their Art. The BWS class of 2015 became a community of RL ambassadors throughout New York and Latin America after an inspiring month of free training at the National Dance Institute.
Kids Beyond Broadway. We took 25 campers from our 2015 D2GB Summer Camp to On Your Feet, The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan. They had the opportunity to meet cast members including Ana Villafañe who plays the title character Gloria Estefan. Choreographer Sergio Trujillo, who is a huge RL supporter, spent time with the kids reminding them that anything is possible if they continue Daring to Go Beyond.

Other Event 1 2015

Collaborations.The Miracle Center, Broadway Meets Wall Street, People en Español, Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), Broadway Cares Flea Market, are among the many organizations we collaborated with this year.
8th Annual D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp Campers took classes with over 25 professional artists from the Broadway, film and T.V. industries and were guided by long time RL artist Matthew Steffens. Over 400 applications received, 200 children participated throughout the 5 days receiving 64 classes in dance, acting, storytelling, singing and more.
D2GB School Arts Program.This year RL took a break from its weekly school visits, but answered the call of individual visits when requested by the school. We look forward to reaching out to more schools in 2016.
Videos, Blogs & Social Media. Our videos and blogs told the stories of artists who are following their dreams and making a difference. With the opening of On Your Feet, The Emilio & Gloria Estefan story we were honored to share the stories of Latinos on Broadway. We produced 4 special videos celebrating 10 members from the Broadway cast.
Our TeamRickey Tripp, faculty member of Beyond Workshop Series led the program this year. Matthew Steffens led the D2GB Summer Camp, and Heather Hogan led some of the artistic projects and collaborations.
R.Evolución Latina continues to be guided and directed by Luis Salgado and Gabriela Garcia. We want to thank our advisory board and our parent organization Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for guiding us through another year.Many thanks to all of the volunteers that support our mission and believe in what we do.
Fundraising. We continue to find new fun and active ways to engage our community in order to increase our donations and support. We are very happy with the results from our 2 main fundraising events of the year, helping us increase our revenue by 20% from 2013.
Dare 2 Give 5 weeks of online fundraising, using mainly active interaction through social media we were able
to raise $12,395.
RL’s Dance-A-Thon 2015This dance community event of 5 hours raised $26,800.
Download our 2015 Annual Report and the Financial Statement for a complete list of events, facts and impact of our mission around the world.

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Best of 2014

Note from director/founder Luis Salgado: Each year we strive for a revolution of evolution that inspires and empowers through the Arts. In the last two years our Dance-A-Thon has provided us with new economic strategies that support our growth and outreach. After seven years of committed work we continue to expand beyond NYC through engaging collaborations to Spain, The Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico and cities throughout the U.S.

Take a look at our 2014!

7 years providing training to over 700 artists in NYC and Latin America. This year BWS had an interdisciplinary format with classes in dance, voice and acting. A total of 37 young artists made up the class of 2014, 25 from NYC and 13 international participants from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. Watch video HERE.
Watch our Exclusive Screening of the 2013 Beyond Workshop Series Documentary directed and edited by Elias Avalos.
Kids Beyond Broadway. This year we were able to provide tickets to students and volunteers to see ROCKY Broadway, The National Ballet of Canada’s Alice and Wonderland at The Joyce Theater, El Apagón/Blackout at Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre and movie premiers of “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” and “Million Dollar Arm”.
RL’s circle effect brought a revolution to the United Nations. Broadway performers combined with RL artists, BWS students and D2GB campers performed an original medley, for world leaders and dignitaries who believe that art can make a huge impact on children around the world. This was the first time that a live performance took place during the Commission on Population and Development at the United Nations in NYC. Watch video HERE

Other Event 1 2014

Our D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp focused on 5 selected shows that inspired, empowered and educated over 180 campers ages 7-17. Performers from the following productions, In The Heights, Aladdin, Motown, Beautiful and ROCKY Broadway came to share the messages from each show. Touching on the topics of home, inner beauty and culture in music, dreams coming true and fighting from the heart. Watch video from last day at camp HERE.
D2GB School Arts Program. Teachers and schools reached out to RL for art classes this year. RL leaders and volunteers taught dance and music to children in the Bronx and Queens. We made a special visit to P.S 188 on the Lower East Side, a school that serves children from homeless shelters, bringing them the folkloric drumming and dancing of Bomba. Outside the states we visited an elementary school in Florida, Puerto Rico and a free arts program for underserved children in Loiza Puerto Rico.
Media & Videos. We created our “Going Beyond” video series, sharing stories of Latino artists and leaders such as Quiara Alegria Hudes (Pulitzer prize winning playwright), Luis Miranda (founder and former president of the Hispanic Federation and the new chairman of Viva Broadway) to name a few. 12 videos were added to R.Evolución Latina’s YouTube channel to continue educating our audience about our educational programs, events and collaborations. Visit our YouTube Channel.
Fundraising. We continue to find new fun and active ways to engage our community in order to increase our donations and support. We are very happy with the results from our 2 main fundraising events of the year, helping us increase our revenue by 20% from 2013.
Dare 2 Give helped us reach $15,851.
RL’s 2nd Annual Dance-A-Thon 2014 helped us raise $25,552.
Go Beyond while Producing In The Heights. We are reaching out to schools and regional productions of In The Heights, to go beyond the stage and help us fundraise to provide opportunities for our community to experience the power of the performing arts. Click here to learn more.
Download our 2014 Annual Report and the Financial Statement for a complete list of events, facts and impact of our mission around the world.

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Best of 2013

A year devoted to Cultural Exchange in order to celebrate who we are and be empowered by our heritage, to understand one another better and share our stories through music, dance, food, and literature. We believe that having more cultural knowledge brings an awareness and openness to a different way of thinking. Through cultural exchange RL’s circle effect became a GLOBAL effect.

RL started it’s year focused on Cultural Exchange in Peru with the very first International Beyond Workshop Series. RL left its’ mark in the hearts of 70 students and teaching artists from Lima, Peru. 8 scholarships were awarded to BWS NYC. As leaders in training, BWS participants affected the lives of 175+ children and families that gathered at the district of El Carmen in Chincha, bringing music and arts in order to create a healthier community.
Beyond Workshop Series NYC in our 6th year our training program we introduced an interdisciplinary format. 16 international students from Colombia, Peru and Mexico and 34 participants from NYC created one of the strongest Beyond Workshop Series we have had to date.
Viva Broadway, an initiative of Broadway League, Kids Night on Broadway – Luis Salgado directed the cast of Amigo Duende in an interactive presentation, kids and adults learned funky dance moves and a small part of a song from the show composed by Joshua Henry. These activities left children empowered to use their imagination everyday to make their dreams and goals become reality.
International Conference of Population and Development (ICPD) – Choco Orta, Ruben Flores, Jose Ortiz, RL artists and volunteers performed “Atrévete a Más” and “Our Deepest Fear”. This launch event of the High-level Task Force of ICPD at the Ford Foundation allowed us to reach a new audience of global dignitaries and political figures.

Other Event 1 2013

Our 6th Annual D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp brought the focus of cultural exchange to the kids of NYC. Campers took Puerto Rican, Peruvian and Mexican folkloric classes as well as contemporary, hip hop, clowning and acting. This year’s camp also had an underlying theme of love, growth, and a strong presence of RL’s Circle Effect. We received over 300 applications and accepted 214 children from schools and community centers as well as 8 international campers.
The D2GB School Arts Program took up residence at Claremont International High School, in the Bronx, with a choir and a drumming class with the goals of teaching students the fundamentals of music, instill self awareness, ensemble building, responsibility, respect, and civic involvement.
RL’s Media & Video team created 12 new videos helping us reach over 133 countries with 35,000 views in 2013. 43% of our views comes from United States and 57% from countries like Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico, Canada, Poland among others. A 30 minute documentary style video of the BWS -NYC was created by media coordinator Elias Avalos.
In June, we hired our first 2 staff members supported by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. We had over 200 volunteers including people from Latin America support our organization this year.
In our continued desire to expand our mission and reach to those who need inspiration and change we need funds. This year we focused on getting more funding through fundraising. We developed 2 new fundraising projects, the 1-on-1 Campaign and the 2013 Dance-A-Thon, that brought in 30% of our revenue. We are looking forward to increase this number for 2014 and 2015.
Check our 2013 Report and the 2012-2013 Financial Statement for additional information.


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