Life will be full of surprises if YOU dare to move. By Krystal Pou

Life will be full of surprises if YOU dare to move. It’s all on you!

“It’s all on you?” – I didn’t understand that concept until I met Luis Salgado.

It’s just incredible how sometimes we feel so lost, then suddenly everything changes when you stop thinking and dare to take the step you know in the bottom of your heart will bring your hope back. That’s what meeting Luis and all the artists of the Beyond Workshop Series 2018 were for me “HOPE”.

I am a head full of Dreams and Passions! I see myself in so many places at the same time, because my mind is always running so fast. After leaving my hometown, the Dominican Republic  almost 3 years ago I kept asking myself: “Where am I?” It hasn’t been easy but having the opportunities that R.Evolución Latina provided is what, today makes me say: “I AM HOME!”

You learn so much from people coming for the first time to New York, like I did, there is an excitement and desire to know everything and go everywhere; that made me ask myself: “Am I doing enough?” –  Oh baby! It’s never enough! – You can go so many places!!!! That’s exactly what an actor needs to have every single moment, as if you are always doing something for the first time.

R.Evolución Latina with its entire crew of professionals has taught us that our Beyond Workshop Series 2018 changed me as an actor and also made me be a better version of myself. I feel empowered, inspired and so ready to work and most important – FEARLESS-  because if there’s another thing that I learned in the process is: “There is no limit to what we can do” if you just BELIEVE IN IT!

About our show “To Be or Not To Be, A Shakespearean Experience”

It was the first time that I ever performed in a Theatre in New York. I hadn’t performed in a while or been cast in any musical production since 2012, because I thought I couldn’t sing. This was just so meaningful for me that throughout this program I got my chance to finally “BE ALIVE” again by being back “ONSTAGE”. A place that in my mind I call “HOME” and challenged my fear and said : “ENOUGH! NO MORE” –  This taught me a lesson.

Luis once said in rehearsal, when we were all upset about our Beyond Workshop Series 2018 ending: “Guys, this is a beautiful moment in your life that you should use to grow and learn. Always HAVE FUN and keep it in your memories.”  That’s exactly what I did, and I will truly always have this beautiful crazy experience in my heart.

I’ll dare, dare and KEEP DARING to go beyond for as long as I can.





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