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Can you imagine having the life that you’ve always wanted?

Well, I know someone who actually has her perfect life, complete with the man of her dreams and a dream-business, helping others achieve this same goal. Ileana Ferreras, let’s learn a little more about her wonderful way of making a difference.

It all started some years ago on the 180th street in Washington Heights where Ileana was born, the second daughter of the Ferreas, a Cuban family. At that time, New York wasn’t what it is today, she says. She was the only Latina in her elementary school, so she was always encouraged to be proud of her roots and consider Cuba as home even if she had been born in the United States. As a young girl growing up Ilena had dreams of being a teacher and was very much involved in the arts in high school.

There was a point Ileana’s adult life that she realized that she didn’t like the way her life was happening. She didn’t like the jobs that she was working, she never thought she’d find her soul mate, she couldn’t find her purpose. Everything in her life was ruled by the idea that all the good things in life were nothing more than accidents.

One magical day, she found herself in life coaching group sessions in which she learned little by little all the things that she was sabotaging for herself. It is here when her path changed, she married the man of her dreams and she found her purpose: Helping others to find that change that she had gotten for herself.

Being a life coach means that she empowers her clients to develop their full potential either in general or in specific areas of their lives. “It’s like a Gym trainer”, she says, “Sometimes you have an idea of what you want to do, but you need that someone who cheers you up in your worse moments and to be there to remind you why you’re doing what you do. It´s a mirror that helps you see what you’re not able to realize by yourself”.

Ileana works with individuals personal needs on “specific” goal or sometimes people seek her when they are looking to “re-built” their life in general. Whatever the case, there is always a way to be better and before your eyes is the perfect guide!

 Fun Facts About Ileana:

  • She has an older brother
  • She has always enjoyed working with artists.
  • She believes that Art is an education in and of itself. “By letting your own creativity out you learn things about yourself that you might not learn elsewhere. I think the arts has the capacity to move, touch and inspire people and for the most part people feel good whether they are spectators or producers.”

If you want to learn more about this fabulous coach, or if you can´t wait to start your sessions. Visit www.ImagineAndFulfill.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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