BARBA A Brazilian Body Percussion Musical

February 22, 2024 @ 7:30 pm
Pregones Theater
575 Walton Ave
NY 10451

BookKim Bixler & Carlos Bauzys
Music: Carlos Bauzys
LyricsKim Bixler
Additional Music: Fernando Barba
Direction: Luis Salgado

BARBA is a new Brazilian musical that explores the true story of Fernando Barba who discovers he has an extraordinary gift for creating music using his own body as an instrument. A music virtuoso, Barba transformed people’s lives, founding the Brazilian body percussion ensemble Barbatuques. His dedication to teaching this innovative, accessible form of body music is threatened when he is given a medical diagnosis that puts his mission in jeopardy. What happens when the thing most precious to you is taken away?

This showcase production is produced under R.Evolución Latina’s educational programs in partnership with Pregones/PRTT Raul Julia Training unit.

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