Dare 2 Give

Surpassed our $60,000

Our 2022 Dare 2 Give Fundraising Campaign raised $71,701

We are proud to have surpassed our goal of $60,000.  After 6 weeks fundraising we came together to celebrate and reconnect as a community.  Over 45 fundraisers helped us this year to reach our goal, from our community of campers, artists, RL team of directors and leaders. More than 400 donors, and supporters helped us reach this incredible goal.

We did it TOGETHER. 


Stay Tuned for 2023

  • Doreen Montalvo Scholarship
  • A new season of RL’s Adult Educational Performing Arts Training
  • Community Engagements and events in NYC & Beyond
  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Dare to Go Beyond Performing Arts Camp
  • Tu Arte Reconstruye Puerto Rico
  • Share more of your stories