Dare to Go Beyond-The Album

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About The Album
In his quest to produce unique resources that inspire, R.Evolución Latina Director and CD Creative Producer, Luis Salgado, gathered a talented group of singers, songwriters and musicians to share their talents and stories of Going Beyond. Tracks include original songs written and recorded by R.Evolución Latina activists such as “Dare to Go Beyond” and “Atrévete a Más” and popular re-makes such as “Yo Puedo”, “Our Deepest Fear” and “Anyway”.


Featuring Broadway Artists:

Corbin Bleu (In The Heights, “High School Musical”), Andrea Burns (In The Heights), Janet Dacal (In The Heights), Joshua Henry (Scottsboro Boys), Luis Salgado (In The Heights, Women on The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown), Marcus Paul James (In The Heights), Josefina Scaglione (West Side Story), Gabriela Garcia (Chicago, The Musical), Doreen Montalvo (In The Heights) George Akram (West Side Story), Eliseo Roman (In The Heights), Michael Balderrama (In The Heights), Taharqa, Andrea Patterson, Choco Orta.

The R.Evolución Latina Choir:
Yaremis Felix, Emma Ramos, Mariangelica Ayala, Inma Heredia, Sean Watkins, John DiSciascio, Sharay Abellan, Jose Restrepo, Andrea Sousa, Antonia Marrero

Lou Briel, Jean-Marc Berne, Joshua Henry, Jaime Lozano, Martina McBride, Sally Neiman, Taharqa, Brad Warren & Brett Warren and Marianne Williamson


FEATURED Musician: William Cepeda

KeyBoard/Piano: Zach Dietz
Guitar: John Benthal
Guitar: Richard Boukas
Bass: Leo Huppert
Drums: Joe Bergamini
Percussion: Wilson Torres
Trumpet 1: Raul Agraz
Trumpet 2: Jami Dauber
Trombone 1: Bruce Eidem
Trombone 2: Tim Sessions
Reeds: David Richards
Reeds: Kristy Norter
Violin 1: Bob Lawrence
Violin 2: Una Tone
Viola: Joel Rudin
Cello: E. Zoe Hassman
Bass: Leo Huppert
Bomba: Jose Ortiz
Bomba: Wilson Lantigua
Bomba: Marilynn Delgado
Bomba: Kya Perez

Executive creative producer: Luis Salgado
Record producer: Lynn Pinto for Rocket Science Records
Associate executive creative producer: Heather Hogan
Orchestrations & arrangements: Jaime Lozano (unless otherwise noted)
Music director: Zachary Dietz
Associate music director: Jaime Lozano
Engineered by Andros Rodriguez
Mixed by Andros Rodriguez
Mastered by  Nathan James
Music advisor:  Alex Lacamoire
Assistant engineers: Sam Giannelli & Kevin Geigel
Second assistant engineer: Chris Souverain
Assistant music arranger: Jesús Altamira
Art design: Victor Rodriguez
R.Evolución Latina internal media director: Sally Neiman
Recorded & mixed at Premier Digital Studios NYC
Mastered at The Vault Mastering Studios NYC

R.Evolución Latina Volunteers: Sharay Abellán, Dalia Davi, Kimberlee Murray, Yaremis Félix, Hanley Smith, Andrea Sousa

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