THE BIG DAY by Mariana Herrera

My name is Mariana Herrera Juri, I’m from Cali, Colombia.

Today I want to tell you very calmly about something very bad that happened to me during a show.

That day was a normal ordinary day, I got out of bed and dressed because we were going to a presentation at a very famous club in Cali called Country Club. My mother helped us put on makeup, comb our hair to be ready to go to the club. I was very happy and excited to dance!

We got to the club, representing our dance school called Be! DANZA, to which I have belonged for 10 years. We were warming up and getting ready for the show when they called me because it was my turn. I went on stage ready to perform my choreography.

Right in the middle of the dance, a waitress passed behind me and did not respect what we were doing or the art. She did not have any knowledge about how staging should be respected. When I was in a very demanding jump, my legs got entangled with her body as I was in the air.

I fell. On my left arm. Very hard.

It hurt so much that I couldn’t keep dancing so they took me to a hospital. They took x-rays and I happened to fracture my arm. I was in a cast and immobilized for about a month or so and was unable to dance and train.

I had about three weeks before having one of the largest hip hop competitions in Colombia and in the world, which I had to train hard for because we had to defend our title as a company. Yes or YES?

With my doctor’s recommendations, I could continue dancing and practicing with my group. It was a little difficult because I couldn’t use my hand at all because it still hurt so much. At the end, they took off the cast and I started strengthening therapy to be more prepared for the big day.

I did it! I was very proud of myself and very grateful to my family who always supports me a lot, my dance teachers who were always there taking care of me, and my colleagues and friends who never left me alone.


Never give up. Failure and falls are a constant struggle towards success and what you want to achieve. If you fall, get up and go with more desire to achieve that goal that you want so much.


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