Creative Rhythms and Community | BWS 2024 explores Body Percussion

The 2024 Beyond Workshop Series in collaboration with the Raul Juliá Training Unit Program invited a diverse group of 57 artists, most of them Latinos/Latine, including 5 international artists traveling from Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Spain. This program received 95 applications which makes this the largest applicant group in the history of the organization. We were extremely excited to return to bring The National Dance Institute in Harlem to welcome a new community of artists to this magical space. 

Through our unique musical theater program directed by Luis Salgado, we focused on Brazilian body percussion and explored different ways to develop and create new works of musical theater!

BWS 2024 Teachers: Luis Salgado, Matthew Steffens, Valeria Cossu, Carlos Bauzys, and Rachel Dean

What was different in this year’s program?

In this year’s program, we were ecstatic to highlight body percussion and the rhythms that can be created when using one’s body as an instrument. Through this lens, artists were challenged to utilize their bodies, their dancing, movement, and their rhythms in the stories they tell.

By working with body percussion our teachers were able to implement the importance of discipline, focus, and engagement that is needed for today’s entertainment industry. In only two short weeks RL created a community of change-makers and leaders who are empowered to go out and make a difference in their communities and beyond!

Words From The BWS Class of 2024

"Everything that we had learned this week all came together in that exact moment. How radiant is it to be unwaveringly, unadulteratedly, human? That is what moves mountains, that is what transports us to different worlds.” - Angelika Anastasio

“I want to approach my friends and remind them how important it is for us, artists, to let ourselves be seen, let our voices be heard, let our hearts be touched, let our brains explode, let our souls be naked in front of strangers.” - Bibi Sanchez

“I have learned more in this week than in a long time of study. Not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. By giving it importance, depth, and meaning beyond "acting" I have explored more in four days than in many years of learning.” - Chantal Martin

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This program is in partnership with Pregones/PRTT and the Raul Julia Training Unit.

Stay Tuned for more Info about Beyond Workshop Series 2025 and our BWS+ Classes

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