BWS 2013 a Big Success

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Our 6th year of the Beyond Workshop Series had an interdisciplinary format and an emphasis on cultural exchange which created one of the strongest Beyond Workshop Series we have had to date. This year’s program built a community of 50 artists 34 from NYC plus 16 more from Colombia and Peru. The support that these individuals had for one another while being challenged to go Beyond their comfort zones is what made the program successful. Not only was there a cultural exchange among the NYC and international students but also an exchange of art by the sharing of student’s strengths and weaknesses and working together to make each other succeed.

The 2013 Beyond Workshop Series was concluded at the National Dance Institute on Thursday, March 28th. Students shared what they learned through dance, singing and Shakespeare the three disciplines in the program that are used to train well rounded artists. Luis Salgado directed a short presentation in which students performed choreography by Rickey Tripp, Rebeca Tomas, Valeria Cossu, Robert Lafosse and Matt Steffens. Students performed solos and group songs with musical direction by William Wade, and Ian Hersey directed Shakespeare scenes from Taming of The Shrew and Henry V. Our special guest artist teacher Julie Freundt performed a piece she developed with the students and one of her solo songs to end the night.

We see the difference that the BWS makes on these young artists lives. At the end of their experience they are not only more rounded performers but better individuals with much more self confidence, discipline and the willingness to share and pass on their knowledge within their artistic communities. While our local students grow from the experience of being exposed to other cultures, our international students take back with them a dream come true.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


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“The skills, confidence, advice, and connections I gained during these past two weeks is priceless, and I am so grateful. The sense of community and mutual passion for “art with a purpose” I have felt since R.Evolución Latina came into my life is something I truly cherish, and I honestly believe it was so essential that RL came into my path when it did. Its crucial role in my life over the past year is a prayer come true since I had been seeking for years a community of artists with passionate, positive, and progressive ideals such as my own. I am so glad to have gotten to know and work with you and your team. A very long-winded thank you 🙂 I am still super emotional knowing we don’t have class on Monday.” -Erin Maya

“In Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, the princess Innogen tries to explain her feelings of longing for her husband. She has trouble finding the words to describe the depth of her feelings, but finally says they are ‘beyond beyond” 3.2. This is how I feel about the new structure of the Beyond Workshop Series. It has gone ‘beyond, beyond’. The interdisciplinary nature allows students to meet new challenges in disciplines where they are not as accomplished, while learning to soar further and higher in the disciplines where they are more accomplished and comfortable.I witnessed the disciplines build confidence and feed on each other. Meeting challenges in new or unexplored areas built their esteem and confidence, which in turn affected their work in the areas where they were more comfortable. In addition, reaching new heights in their comfort areas built more confidence, which allowed them to relax and work harder in the areas where they were more challenged.
Further, the addition of hard working international students raised the bar considerably for all.”
-Ian Hersey, BWS Shakespeare Teacher

“For two weeks, we have learned, worked, played, loved, laughed, and transformed. I hope to internalize the extensive knowledge shared with me by so many amazing teachers and maintain the beautiful connections I created with so many inspiring people. REVOLUCION LATINA will always have a special place in my heart because of the rich COMMUNITY it has brought into my life. RL & BWS are true blessings. I will always have a way to go, but I revere and love the journey I have travelled. DARE TO GO BEYOND ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!” -Ehijoze Azeke 

“Las clases han terminado… sin embargo los sueños, las ganas y los nuevos amigos continúan llegando. Existe un corazón lleno de felicidad y es el mio. No puedo pedirle mas a la vida, he recibido una de las experiencias mas reveladoras de mi existencia. Fue la voluntad de un grupo de personas, la que dieron como resultado MAGIA en el escenario. Decidieron creer en un grupo de jóvenes artistas y ahora tienen una comunidad mas fuerte. MUCHAS GRACIAS: R.Evolución Latina, Luis Salgado, y todo su grupo de trabajo que es sencillamente profesonal.” -Camilo Lopez Gonzalez

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2013 BWS Teachers

None of the Beyond Workshop Series would be possible without the humbling talent and generosity of our BWS Teachers

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2013 BWS Students:

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Aaron Jaquez, Alejandro Moscoso, Ana Isabella Saldarriaga Ramírez, Anasofia Huerta, Andre Lecca Verastegui, Nathalie Rangel Correa, Camilo López González, Angie Regina, Armando Mendez, Andrés Salinas Sanchez, Cindy Fernandez, Cristhofer Dávila Ramirez, Cynthia Vanessa Calderón, Danhy Clermont, Daniela Thome, Ehizoje Azeke, Erin Maya, Estefanía Vásquez, Eva Amessé, Hector Flores Jr., Helber Eddward Sepúlveda Escobar, Hitomi Sasaki, Jasmine Knight, Jennica Carmona, Jessenia Vargas, Joey Lozada, Jose Alexis Solano, Juan David Becerra Velásquez, Krista Jamison, Sorany Gutiérrez Jaramillo, Luis Alberto Gonzalez, Luis Benitez, Maria Laura Salgado, Maria Peyramaure, Mariana Fernandez, Marisol Meneses, Michael Moss, Nanda Abella, Natalia Arias, Nicolas Vilallonga, Phoenix Ximenez, Puy Navarro, Ricardo Laboy, Sarai Heria, Sevans Martinez, Telba Cavero, Tracy Alcántara Carril, Vega, Venessa Diaz, Zahaira Curiel.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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