Bountiful-2016 Choreographers Festival

April 27th to May 1st @Manhattan Movement and Arts Center in New York,NY

R.Evolución Latina’s Choreographers Festival is a unique international event that will take every choreographer, dancer and audience member on a journey of self-discovery and to the awareness of what makes the human spirit BOUNTIFUL.

Conceived & Directed: Luis Salgado
Choreographers: Daniel Fetecua-Soto (Colombia), Matthew Steffens (United States), Vania Masias (Peru), Gabriela García (Mexico), Rebeca Tomás (United States), Rickey Tripp (United States), Amanda Turner (United Kingdom), Valeria Cossu (Italy)

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Wednesday, April 27th  7:00pm OPENING NIGHT!!!!
With the purchase of a $100 ticket  you will be making a $65 dollar tax-deductible donation towards R.Evolución Latina & its mission.  As a donor, you will have access to BOUNTIFUL’s Opening Night Celebration.

Thursday, April 28th  7:00pm

Friday, April 29th  7:00pm 

Saturday, April 30th  2:00pm

Saturday, April 30th  7:00pm

Sunday, May 1st  2:00pm


Wednesday, April 27th & Thursday, April 28th @ 12:30pm
Please email for more info about student matinees and bringing your class to one of these performances.