SOLD OUT: Exciting Limited Run of Engaging Musical 'Barba' Wins Audiences

R.Evolución Latina was proud to return to the stage with our first-ever showcase production musical!

Our audiences were ready to explore and learn more about BARBA, A Brazilian Body Percussion Musical. Over just five days we welcomed 39 artists from the 2024 Beyond Workshop Series to partake in this exploration of music, acting, dance, and body percussion through the story and work of Fernando Barba. 

BARBA is a Brazilian musical that explores the true story of Fernando Barba who discovers he has an extraordinary gift for creating music using his own body as an instrument.  Founder and artistic director Luis Salgado challenged this cast to create, collaborate, and stage this new musical, written by Carlos Bauzys, and Kim Bixler. 

We were met with an ecstatic audience, and community members to support the limited run of BARBA. Throughout our five sold-out performances, we were able to offer a Kids and Family matinee, special talkbacks with our creative team and cast members, and kind words shared by Dr. Renata ‘Tata’ Ferraz-Torres (sister of Fernando Barba).

Our cast and creatives were honored to return to the infamous Pregones Theater in the Bronx. Pregones has welcomed RL’s team through our continual collaborations and commitment to putting up new work. While in this historical space, our team of artists and designers were influenced by the work, and efforts of esteemed Latino artists Miriam Colόn, Raúl Julia, and Rosalba Rolón.

Based on Barba’s autobiography:
Sound from the Start: A Body Percussion Story
By Fernando Barba and Renata Ferraz Torres


The cast of "BARBA: A Brazilian Body Percussion Musical" included a talented group of actors and actresses, among whom are Rafael Esteban Arias Castro as Barba, Talita Real as Dani, Tamarah Tucker Gonzalez as Tata, Jon Rodéz as André Hosoi, and Matt Graham as Antonio. The rest of the cast includes: Aimara, Miguel Barreto, Kianna Batista, Alyxandria Batty-Rivera, Maria Belisario, Legna Cedillo, Paula Colorado, Pedro Coppeti, Juliana Cuevas, Yan-Carlos Diaz, Valentina Escobar, David Fajardo Heredia, Jeremy Fuentes, Ashley Green, Sofia Grosso, Elias Husiak, Karoline Lantigua, Devon Lemont, Alex Llorca, Luisa María, Chantal Martin, Melissa Mattos, Kyle Morales, Ché Negron, Juanita Dilia Olivo, Santiago Orjuela, Lucía Perego, Caitlyn Piedra, Senna Prasatthong, Angelica Ramírez, Hikari Salgado-Ambert, Bibi Sánchez, Cami Taleisnik, and Ximena Valentina Alvear.

The creative team behind this production,  under the leadership of Luis Salgado as Director and Choreographer, key figures include Valeria Cossu, Associate Director; Matthew Steffens, Associate Choreographer; and Heather Hogan, Production Consultant. Denisse Ambert serves as RL Producer, while Rodrigo Escalante and Joe Doran hold the roles of Set Designer and Lighting Designer, respectively. Additionally, Joe Petrowski serves as Assistant Lighting Designer, and Manuel de la Portilla as Projection Designer. Stella Katz is responsible for costume design, Germán Martinez for sound design, and Majo Ferrucho fulfills the role of Associate Production Manager and Co-Production Consultant. Rachel Dean collaborates as Associate Musical Director. Kim Bixler is the Co-Writer and Lyricist with Carlos Bauzys as Co-Book Writer, Composer, and Music Director.


This program is in partnership with Pregones/PRTT and the Raul Julia Training Unit

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