A father shares how live theatre made a difference

In 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting a R.Evolución Latina member and cast member of Amigo Duende, the Musical Cindy Fernandez.  I informed Cindy about my program at the Midtown Community Court’s Workforce Development & Fatherhood Initiative and how fathers and children would greatly benefit from the musical experience. R.Evolución Latina graciously supplied my program with 30 free tickets, and for the first time in program history we had a 100% percent attendance, despite a rain storm.

Recently, I ran into a father, who attended the trip with his then 5 year old daughter  and he informed me that the Amigo Duende experience really change her life. The father went on to share that since the play (which occurred in 2012) he has enrolled his daughter into a ballet and dance programs, because the play left such a profound positive impression on her. Prior to the play, the relationship between the mother and father was unstable and as a result impacted their communication and relationship as well as their relationship with their daughter.  However, since the Amigo Duende (in which the mother attended as well) communication among the parents has improved. In the end, the father informed me that his daughter has aspirations of one day opening her own dance studio and it all started from her being exposed to experiences like this.  It is stories like this that give me the energy to continue the work that I do.

On behalf of the fathers and children who attended the play, I thank you again for all that you do.

Jermaine Pilgrim, Outreach Coordinator 

This is just one of the many correspondences we have received sharing the power of live theatre, music and dance with children.