Beyond Workshop Series

R.Evolución Latina’s professional and leadership
development program for adult artists.

We are thrilled to report that the Beyond Workshop Series 2012 was a huge success! Our scholarship recipients truly dared to go beyond with us, challenging themselves inside and outside of class, creating a community of connected, gifted activists. From the auditions back in February/March to our current volunteer and outreach opportunities, those involved with the Beyond Workshop Series have transcended their perceived limitations to make a difference through art, both for themselves and for their communities. Some of our BWS students can be found in the upcoming workshop production of Amigo Duende: A New Musical, Music/Lyrics by Joshua Henry and directed/choreographed by R.Evolución Latina’s Founder/Director, Luis Salgado!

 Dance Program

The Dance Program participants had the opportunity to study with no less than ten different Teaching Artists who filled our classroom with wonderful energy and a rare diversity of styles: Salsa, Body Percussion, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Lyrical, Street/Funk, Yoga, and Limón Technique.

One of our talented professionals, Valeria Cossu, not only taught her own classes, but also participated in the other classes taught by her peers, setting a wonderful example. Monica Delgado, the Project Leader for the Dance Program, demonstrated true leadership qualities, and she organized a wonderful final presentation, incorporating our dancers and what they’d learned over the course of the program, for our culminating celebration event.

Today was so much fun! The routines were amazing and I learned so much about myself as a dancer and person. I want you to know how much I truly appreciate this experience and how blessed I am to have met you all. Thank you for your support, time, and understanding. (BWS Student)

 Shakespeare Project

I just want to tell you what a wonderful time I had yesterday: definitely one of the best auditions I’ve ever had. Being completely new to Shakespeare, I was very intimidated going in to the audition, but after learning more about the company, I figured it was worth the risk. So thank you all for daring me to go beyond. I will definitely be recommending R. Evolución Latina to my fellow classmates and co stars. (Noelle Figueroa)

 Vocal Ensemble

 William Wade has inspired me to learn, has inspired me to find the songs that work for my voice, to learn to play the piano again, to train and develop my voice and to challenge myself. He is just an extraordinary human being and musician and he inspires me to be one too. (Gabriela Jerez) 
 I can’t articulate very well how I’ve been inspired, but I wanted to fully commit to volunteering for RL because I hope I can bring others to feel such inspiration. From the teachers to the staff and dancers at the audition, everyone was genuinely passionate and truly kind. (Idil Bray)
All of our participants continue to be active with the organization, volunteering for our exciting D2GB School Arts Program Events, and planning performances for the community. We are very glad to have such a special group of artists on board with our organization and hope that, together, we can continue to empower and inspire those around us! 

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