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Volunteer and Make Dreams Come True








D2GB Volunteer Program
This program provides fun, active and accessible opportunities for volunteers wanting to go beyond. Volunteers
are immersed in a positive work environment where the team will guide and encourage you to do your best.
Volunteer opportunities exist within our youth educational programs, adult educational programs,
productions, events, fundraising, grant-writing, marketing, social media and more.

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Open Inspirational Meetings 11:00 am
Open Inspirational Meetings @ R.Evolución Latina Office
Jan 21 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Open Inspirational Meetings @ R.Evolución Latina Office | New York | New York | United States
These meetings are the perfect way to get to know us. All are invited. Please contact us to confirm at info@revolucionlatina.org Come get inspired! DARE [...]