Doreen Montalvo 'Do It Anyway' Scholarship

We are honored to announce Joseph C. Townsend as the recipient of R.Evolución Latina’s 2024 Doreen Montalvo 'Do It Anyway' Scholarship.

Our R.Evolución Latina team and scholarship committee were deeply inspired by Joseph's story, commitment, drive, and passion for making his dreams come true. Joseph C. Townsend is a Middle Eastern American actor and singer based in New York City. Throughout his journey in the performing arts, he had the opportunity to connect closely with Doreen herself. He was inspired by her light and spirit to continue following his dreams and fostering change.

Please join us in welcoming Joseph to the R.Evolución Latina family. We believe that empowering artists such as Joseph can foster a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community.

Joseph shared with us his thoughts on being our 2024 ‘Do It Anyway’ scholarship recipient. “As a proud Middle Eastern Actor, to be welcomed into the R.Evolución Latina family with open arms and an open heart means so much. I believe it is our responsibility as minority peoples to lift each other up, create space, give voice to those who may not be heard, and to have a seat at the table. I am so honored to hold a seat at this table, and to feel and be “seen.” I am so proud to “Do It Anyway.”

In addition to meeting Joseph, we were privileged to connect with several other inspiring artists. More to be announced about these honorees and plans to continue to honor Doreen’s talents, storytelling, and passion for the arts.

We are thankful to our Selection Committee—Luis Salgado, Rosie Lani Fiedelman, Jaime Lozano, and Jenn Gambatese—for their time, dedication, and heartfelt commitment to celebrating Doreen's legacy. Their expertise and passion were instrumental in selecting a recipient who truly embodies the values and spirit of the 'Do It Anyway' Scholarship.

As we continue to honor Doreen’s memory, we are reminded of her unwavering belief in the arts as a force for good. Through this scholarship, we aim to carry forward her legacy, supporting the next generation of artists who will lead with courage, creativity, and compassion.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative, and congratulations once again to Joseph C. Townsend. 

We look forward to witnessing your continued growth and success.

Selection Committee


Jaime Lozano

Musical Theater Composer, Arranger, and Orchaestrator

Jenn Gambatese

Broadway Performer, Singer, and Teacher

Luis Salgado

Director, Choreographer, and Producer

Rosie Lani Fiedelman

Broadway Performer, Choreographer, and Teacher

Past Recipients


Lillian Andrea de León

2023 DMS Scholarship Winner

Amy Lizardo

2022 DMS Scholarship Winner

Francisca Muñoz

2021 DMS Scholarship Winner

Rebekkah Vega-Romero

2023 DMS Honoree
Screenshot (206)

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2022 DMS Honoree

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2021 DMS Winner

Celeste Lanuza

2023 DMS Honoree

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2022 DMS Honoree

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