Luis Salgado

Founder/CEO and Artistic Director

He shares Paulo Coelho’s idea that “If you choose to follow the path of your dreams, commit yourself to it. Accept your path.” Luis is Daring to go Beyond and wants the world to go BEYOND with him. He has worked with community projects since he was 14 and now that he is reaching his own dreams, his goal is to help others reach theirs. His commitment to art, culture and social beliefs have given him the opportunities to work with companies like Copae, SEA, Jaradoa and D1 among others, all with social ideas in their mission. Luis choreographed the musicals Serenade, under the philosophy of mercy, beauty and truth, and The Drop Outs, which addresses the issues of dropping-out in NYC. He also volunteered to co-direct/choreograph the original show Mezcla in Peru with the community project D1 Dance and has had the thrilling experience of working as teacher/director/choreographer at the Lexington School for the Deaf. Luis was the Latin Assistant Choreographer and performed in the Ensemble (Jose) of the Tony Award winning musical In The Heights.