José Restrepo

D2GB School Arts Program Coordinator

José Restrepo was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, attended Burbank High School, and is a graduate and former company member of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts/ West as well an alumni of the professional dance training program at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, CA…

An accomplished singer, and dancer as well as actor, José has performed on Broadway and across the globe. As a teacher, he has taught master classes at various performing arts colleges & studios throughout North America, and has coached privately or in a class setting for over 15 years. Recently, he has worked with The Public Theater and Classic Stage Company to bring Shakespeare to the next generation of young actors. Currently, José is a proud member of and is working with R.Evolución Latina to help empower himself as well as the artistic community. Jose continues to bring his unique insight and experience to help prepare new artists for the challenges and realities of a career in the performing arts.”

“It is not our darkness, but our light that most frightens us.”