Our Mission

R.Evolución Latina is an organization that activates individual and collective human growth through artistic experiences for transformation and social change. A Revolution of Evolution, Making a difference through the Arts.

Our Vision

To grow as a strong organization that empowers and unites the Latino community with full capacity to manage and expand our programs that inspire lives through the arts.


  • “Teach your children about the beauty and the healing power of music and arts and watch how they bloom into bright, happy and secure human beings. I am so proud, to know and witness the things RL has done and the people they have reached.”

    Bianca Marroquín, TV and Broadway Actress
  • “I believe in the mission of R.Evolución Latina, and I believe in Luis Salgado. What an extraordinary joy it is to witness what they bring to the world.”

    Lin Manuel Miranda, Tony Award winning Composer/Lyricist/Rapper/Actor
  • “Art enriches lives. I love Theater, Film, Music and thanks to R.Evolución Latina kids in under served communities are able to experience the power, growth and inspiration through Art. Organizations like these are invisible heroes who need money and support to continue to develop their programs. Gracias R.Evolución Latina”

    Antonio Banderas, Actor/Director/Producer/Singer
  • “One lesson that I learned was to never give up cause we might end up being good at it.”

    Elissa Tsambakos, D2GB Camper
  • “Once a pipe dream itself, R.Evolución Latina now delivers on the dreams of others daily. My little boy looks up to the founders of R.Evolución Latina with a rock-star like awe; perhaps someday, he may not consider it a “dare” to go beyond, but his privilege and duty to do so. “

    Andréa Burns, Broadway Actress/Singer
  • RL has helped me in every aspect of my life, as an actor, as person, as a family member. Everything I learned in the Shakespeare workshop & choir I can apply in my life. It has given me the tools & confidence to pursue my acting. It has made me participate in our community. I can’t explain how it works but it works & I am proud to be a part of this amazing organization.

    Tony Castellanos, (BWS Student – Shakespeare & Choir)
  • You are not only inspiring these kids but are also empowering the parents to really go beyond in helping the children reach their goals.”

    Carmen C Pacheco, (mom)
  • “Something I learned about camp [is that] I don’t have to give up, I have to go beyond. The most favorite part of all was [that] I challenge myself by doing hard stuff. And meeting the famous person.”

    Chelsea Bravo, D2GB Camper

Our Pledge

Dare Go Beyond by pushing my limits, taking risks and accepting challenges,

Commit myself to achieving my own goals by challenging no one but myself.

Respect The Learning Process by arriving early,listening and being aware of others time and space.

Believe that”I Can” and to understand that mistakes happen and are necessary to help us learn.

Support myself as well as other activists by working together with my group and learnig from around me.

R.Evolución Latina is an affiliate of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, one of  the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations.