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End of Summer 2019

by revolucionlatina

Welcome back to REvLat Magazine Issue #2

We are back at the end of a very exciting summer where goals were reached and dreams came true for people who are sharing their best.

In our last issue, we brought you stories of individuals with a passion for life and a message to share. In this issue, we continue this thread by sharing how passion can turn into success in various areas of your life. The stories begin with an in-depth view of one of  Broadway’s hottest Latinas: Bianca Marroquín. We take a trip in time with Broadway choreographer, Sergio Trujillo as he talks about his road to winning a Tony Award, his family and what is next.

Also, you will find valuable tips to a road for success from “Packing for a life on the road” to “Simple steps to Master a Money Mindset”. You will meet a Pan American athlete in “The Art of Sports” and the Peruvian artists that lend to the games through their craft. Training is everything and yet, we often forget to dedicate time to train our “self” this is why we find value in Edlyn Gonzales’ article on Pilates.

Our vision is to simply open a window into new possibilities for us to create, share and be inspired as a community.  Many thanks to all our contributors for without them we would have no stories to tell.  We hope you enjoy taking a ride with us as we share the actions of the summer in this issue of REvLat Magazine.

Enjoy REvLat Magazine!

Luis Salgado

Denisse Ambert, Heather Hogan & Gabriela Garcia


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