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5 Steps to a Money Mastery Mindset

by Denisse Ambert

By Chris McClellan

“The way you think and feel about money affects your ability to earn it, attract it and use it for good. If you’ve got a mind on your money and money on your mind, listen up.” 

Drop the Struggle with Money 

It could be easy to fall into the culture trap of being the “starving artist” believing that great art comes from struggle. Consider instead that how you think about your money is also an art. It’s more difficult to save the world broke and exhausted, or waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat not sure how next month’s rent or credit card debt gets paid off. Use your art to create the life you desire, without shame.

Eliminate Trash Talk about Money 

Money is energy, neither good nor bad. Think of all the ways you think and speak about money, people with money, your skills with money, and your bank account. When you trash talk money and say things like “I don’t care about money” or even “I never have any money” you limit your ability to make it work for you. Change your mindset to use this energy (money) as something that can propel you forward into the life you choose.  Make positive talk about money a new habit. Your ability to think outside the box will help in your ability to be in control of your economic destiny.

Apply Discipline to Money 

One of the values of being human is to learn and grow, and money can be a powerful teacher. No doubt money has taught you many things from saving and spending to the value of your work in the world. How you experience money – no matter how painful or enjoyable – is sacred in some way. Forgiving yourself and others for past money mistakes will help you move on quickly.  What you learn from money can be applied in a disciplined manner that will help you create better money experiences you envision.

Be a Money Magnet

Whatever the job description—teacher, barista, activist, caregiver, mentor—your work is an honor because all work is about being of service to someone else. On a spiritual level, being of service to others is fulfilling every human being’s primary life mission.  If your work is an honor, then how you are compensated for that work is an honor too. This mindset shift can help you value your work more, which might inspire you to increase your rates. Instead of thinking, “It’s not enough,” practice gratitude. Scientific studies show that gratitude has a magnetic quality, whereas being overly negative about something can have a toxic or repellent quality—and you do not want to repel money! Expressing gratitude for the money you do have helps you have a positive relationship to money, and helps you create more of it moving forward.

Take Ownership of Money 

You can have your excuses or you can have success, but you can’t have both. Whichever outcome you train your mind on creates what you see before you. Some of us have much bigger struggles and obstacles to overcome than others, but we’re all given the same choice about how we want to perceive ourselves. Success is about who you are being in the world and you are made to be MAGNIFICENT.


Christine McClellan is an American communications expert and can best be described as a “Modern Medicine Woman.”  In 2015, she founded her holistic client practice, Joy Connector, and later a personalized healing line, Joy Collection. Chris has served corporate executive leadership as an advisor and coach for companies such as Time Warner, ESPN/ABC Sports and Citigroup resulting in improved business results and overall team performance.