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This is How to Donate

When you donate you are INVESTING in strengthening the integrity,
courage and mutual understanding of our community.
You can make a donation to our organization that will support our
programs and events like the Beyond Workshops Series, the D2GB
Performing Arts Camp, the D2GB School Arts Program, Kids Beyond
Broadway, and several events throughout the year.
Just click on the link below and DARE TO GIVE!

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You can also send your donations to:

165 West 46th Street,
Suite 1300
NY, NY 10036

Building a
Stronger Organization

We know we can go further beyond in 2012 with our culturally and artistically diverse leadership team and the unique method designed by RL. Many successful artists in NYC (Broadway, Film and T.V) have aligned themselves with RL and are dedicated to using their knowledge, passion and talent to move our mission forward.

In only 4 years we have created an arts army of soldiers, a team of people committed to the organization moving our mission forward. Our mission has reached the 5 boroughs of NYC, Florida, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and even India.

This year we will continue to grow.

We will focus our efforts in our programs, making them stronger for our Latino artists and children which will enrich our circle effect. We believe we can become a hub to those who share our mission because we have witnessed the impact we can create together