A Community Dancing for a Common Goal


Our 2nd Annual Dance-A-Thon was held on October 18th in a new venue, with new teachers, judges and participants that helped us surpass last year’s total and raised $25,552.

This event was created to bring our community together as we do something that we all love DANCE. As we dance we give people the opportunity to fundraise and be an active member of our mission. To be part of the fundraising efforts we invited people to raise a minimum amount of $250. Children and youth were invited with a minimum goal of $150. This event not only helps our mission but provides our children the opportunity to become leaders as they understand and value the purpose of raising money to help others.

51 participants hit the dance floor, including students from our Beyond Workshop Series (Adult Arts program) campers from our D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp, young artists, moms, dads, bankers, friends and supporters of our mission. Over 430 people made online donations to help us accomplish our goal of $25,000.

Broadway artists joined the event as judges and teachers. A special thanks to our guest judges, Tony Chiroldes, Nina Lafarga, Matthew Steffens, and teachers Talia Castro Pozo, Greer Gisy, and Myriam Gadri. DJ Franklin Ayala brought a fun energy to the dance floor with pop, latin, and musical theatre music.



Dance-A-Thon participants were awarded a variety of prizes throughout the event, such as dance classes, tickets to Broadway shows, makeovers, dinners with the RL directors and many more thanks to all of our sponsors.

The top fundraiser was Marina Gutierrez-Alea, a camper’s mother who raised $1,880 in 5 short weeks and won an airline ticket. Second top fundraiser was Brittany Conigatti, a dancer from our 2011 Choreographers Festival raising $1,515. Brittany created the team bELIve in honor of Elizabeth Maria Walsh. Third place went to our director Gabriela Garcia raising $1,432.

Thank you to all the participants and supporters that came out to our event and Dared to Go Beyond on the Dance floor.


What did we dance for?

In Memory of Elizabeth Maria Walsh To bring arts programs to schools & a free summer camp to over 200 kids in NYC

To provide young artists free performing arts training in order to develop leaders that create social change

To expand RL’s mission beyond NYC, throughout the states and Latin America

We danced to celebrate the life and spirit of RL dancer Elizabeth Maria Walsh

5% of our total will be donated to Dancers with Cancers, a foundation started by Elizabeth Maria Walsh with the mission to heal through the art of Dance Therapy.

WE danced because WE believe that ART CHANGES LIVES


Dance-A-Thon Committee:

Greg Uliasz, Cindy Fernandez, Maria Peyramaure, Ciara Di Seta, Damiana Reyes, Jessenia Vargas, Max De Luna, and Grace Freeman


About R.Evolución Latina

R.Evolución Latina (RL) is an organization that utilizes the arts through educational and collaborative programming to empower the Latino community to discover their full potential. RL has developed a series of free performing arts programs led by professional artists from Broadway, Latino Theatre film and TV that understand that ART CHANGES LIVES.
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