D2GB Performing Arts Camp 2015

D2GB Performing Arts Camp 2015 Conclusion

The D2GB Children’s Performing Arts camp had an eighth year of inspiration as camper were empowered to Tell Their Stories.

Aligned with the organization’s 2015 focus of “Tell Your Story”, RL’s summer camp provides campers, as well as teaching artists with the space and encouragement to celebrate who they are with their stories. With the belief that every individual has their own unique story that can inspire others. We heard campers in a whole new way this year, that once again showed us how important this program and art is in the lives of our youth. Campers took classes with over 25 professional artists from Broadway, film and t.v.

On the final day of camp we returned to the stage at the Jackie Robinson Park to give campers the opportunity to Tell their stories to parent, friends, teachers and the community. Campers shared choreographies and songs that they learned in their camp classes and shared spoken word poetry that they wrote.

This year was special as Matthew Steffens associate Choreographer of Queen of the Night and Dr. Zhivago stepped in to founder director Luis Salgado shoes to guide children in this sharing. The campers had the very special opportunity to take class with cast member Morgan Marcel from the new hit Broadway Musical Hamilton, learning the moves to the song Not gonna miss my Shot”. As always the celebration would not be complete without Dr. Drum who filled the park with the rhythms of Plena (folkloric music from Puerto Rico).

Rebecca Larkin (Ave Q),  Bill Santiago (Bill Santiago Comedy), Blanca Camacho (In The Heights), Ceasar Barajas (Man of La Mancha), Greer Gisy (In The Heights -2nd Nat’l), Greg Uliasz (Amigo Duende), Jerome Harmann (Dirty Dancing) , Maria Ximena Salgado (Lima, Peru), Mayte Natalio (The Big Show), Morgan Marcell (Hamilton), Okieriete Onaodowan (Hamilton), Martin Sola (On Your Feet), Ricardo Zayas (Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet), Sarah Sirota (Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah), Tom Feeney (Queen of the Night), Michael Fielder (In the Heights), Vasthy Mompoint (ROCKY), Valeria Cossu (Mayumana), Dr. Drum & Bomba-Yo, and Matthew Steffens (Zhivago, Queen of the Night)



Words from our Campers

People look at me and say you are too young to say that, life is hard, you’ll understand better when you grow up; the things is I already know those things, I understand i don’t know everything but people use my age to ignore my opinion. I thought my opinion mattered, yeah I can act silly and childish sometimes but I have a brain for a reason, so why not listen to me and at least respect my opinion. At the end they only do it to crush your dreams and make you believe that you can’t, but the truth is you can! There is a possibility and you have the ability to do it, the world will always need a president, a rock star, a football player, etc so why not you? – Marcela I. Jorge
When i came here everything was so different but I knew i had to fight for my goal. We the latinos come to make our dreams come true, not to steal people’s jobs or money. We come to help and to be free. Just work as a team no matter if you are colombian mexican dominican peruvian or if you were born here and your parents are latinos. Never forget from where you came from but remember where you are! – Ruth Camacho


About R.Evolución Latina

R.Evolución Latina (RL) is an organization that utilizes the arts through educational and collaborative programming to empower the Latino community to discover their full potential. RL has developed a series of free performing arts programs led by professional artists from Broadway, Latino Theatre film and TV that understand that ART CHANGES LIVES.
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