D2GB Performing Arts Camp 2013


2014 D2GB Camp Conclusion

In our 7th year of the D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp we brought Broadway to the classroom and the campers to outdoors.

RL’s summer camp celebrated Broadway shows and artists in a way like never before. The camp focused on 5 selected shows that inspired, empowered and educated campers ages 7-17. Performers from the following choosen shows, In The Heights, Aladdin, Motown, Beautiful and ROCKY BROADWAY came to share the messages from each show. Touching on the topics of home, inner beauty and culture in music, dreams coming true, and fighting from the heart.

The 1,2,3s of the Camp:

  • 183 Children participated throughout the 5 days.
  • 4 International campers from Peru, Colombia & Puerto Rico.
  • We extended an invitation to organizations around the country such as the Miracle Center from Chicago IL. They chose 2 children from their program and brought them to NYC.
  • 9 Schools and Community Organizations brought children to the camp.
  • 32 Teaching Artists from Broadway, Off- Broadway, Film and T.V.
  • 64 Classes in dance, acting, clowning, puppetry, music, Shakespeare & more.
  • 50 Camp volunteers, including 3 people traveling from Colombia to support and give back.
  • Our camp reached out to our community with a final day celebration at the Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem.

Participating Organizations Include: Department of Homeless Services, Pachamama, Mortales Art Center, Brooklyn International HS, Osborne Association, All Purpose Room, Statement Arts, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Folklore Hispano.

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6 important life skills were instilled in children

  • leadership
  • collaboration
  • commitment
  • respect
  • self-awareness
  • importance of a healthy living

After 4 days of learning we decided that we needed to share what we learned with the entire community. On Friday, August 1st, we left the studios and headed outdoors to the stage at the Jackie Robinson park in Harlem, where we concluded with a day of celebration. Founder/Director Luis Salgado brought Broadway to 145th St. as camper’s shared what they learned about self belief, Home and culture through music, dance and their stories.

Children lifted their voices in classics like ‘Ain’t no Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye and ‘Dancin in the Streets’ taught by Marcus Paul James from Motown. They kept on moving with the ‘Locomotion’ from Beautiful, taught by Sara Shepard and fought from heart, with some boxing moves that they learned from Vince Oddo and Luis Salgado. Jose Ortiz and Bomba-Yo helped keep the celebration going with Afro Puerto Rican drumming and dancing. Antonio Vilchez and ADU Proyecto Universal from Peru hit the park with an energetic dancing and music performance.

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Special Guest Appearances:

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  • Dare to Go Beyond by taking risks, accepting challenges and pushing past limits that would keep me from trying my best.
  • Commit to pursuing my own goals and understanding that my success is measured by challenging and competing with only myself.
  • Respect those who have committed time and talent to teaching me, to the learning process and my peers by arriving early, listening and being considerate of others time and space.
  • Believe that “I can” and to understand that mistakes happen and are necessary to help us learn.
  • Support myself as well as others by working together with my group and learning from those around me.

The Herman Goldman Foundation

Premiere sponsor of the D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp since 2010.

The Herman Goldman Foundation

This program is supported by
The Herman Goldman Foundation.

Contact: Carla Rodriguez
Program Coordinator