The Choreographers Festival

In 2011, Beyond Workshop Series was the catalyst for R.Evolución Latina’s very first Choreographers Festival, which celebrated the transformational power of dance while creating a cultural exchange.

We hosted 19 dancers from the D1 Dance Company  of Peru founded by Vania Masías, who is a true example of how you can make a difference in your community through art.

Some of the amazing teachers from the Beyond Workshop Series donated their time as choreographers of this festival. Among them we had the honor of working with Valeria Cossu, Daniel Fetecua-Soto, Gabriela Garcia, Vania Masías, Luis Salgado, Marcos Santana, Rebeca Tomás, Amanda Turner, and Dario Vaccaro.

The Choreographers Festival created opportunities and encouraged the Beyond Workshop Series students to continue their active participation in both the organization and their communities. We invited them to become leaders throughout the festival by joining us in this production that shared a message of uniting communities through dance.