DANCE. What an incredible art form!

The BWS 2016 was completely focused on DANCE daring young artists to go beyond by merging themselves into these 2 weeks of an intense dance program. R.Evolución Latina provided thirty 2 hour dance classes including ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, latin jazz, contemporary, Fosse, body percussion, flamenco, musical theatre and more.

What was different in this year’s program?

The program this year focused solely on dance, continuing to explore this universal language and the power of this art in people’s lives. Students took classes in various dance styles for 6 hours each day for two consecutive weeks. Teachers challenged participants in an professional environment of growth and inspired them to go Beyond what were their preconceived limitations were.

International students from Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Puerto Rico were part of this year’s program and had the opportunity to work choreographers of BOUNTIFUL our 2016 Choreographers Festival. BWS Dance was developed and guided by RL Founder/director Luis Salgado.

BWS 2016 Teachers:

Rickey Tripp, Gabriela Garcia, Amanda Turner, Valeria Cossu, Robert LaFosse, Akiko Aizawa, Arielle Rosales, Lara Tant, Greer Gisy, Jonathan Mendez, Mary Ann Lamb, Gabriella Sorrentino, Daniel Fetecua-Soto, Matthew Steffens, Peter K. Yuen and Luis Salgado.


Watch their faces, listen to their stories:




Stay Tuned for more Info about Beyond Workshop Series 2017
in celebration of our 10th Year Anniversary

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Thanks to Our Team and Group of Volunteers
Hanley Smith – BWS Program Coordinator
Monica Delgado – BWS International Liaison