50 Artists + 4 weeks + 18 Teachers = A community of Artists growing together, overcoming fears, believing in themselves and aware of the change they can create with their Art.

The BWS class of 2015 has become RL ambassadors throughout New York and Latin America. After a month of Free training at the National Dance Institute a new community of artists have become inspired.


What Happened at BWS 2015?

Students took classes in Acting, Voice, Dance and Shakespeare and were asked to Dare To Go Beyond, face their fears and support their fellow classmates as they became an ensemble committed to making a difference through their art. In 2015 students had the privilege of taking master classes with Broadway masters Mary Anne Lamb and Robert Lafosse. Vocal students were invited by William Wade to perform songs from the new musical Ballad of Annie Mae that he is composing.

Everyone from students to teachers, volunteers and leaders are committed to developing an honest awareness of their own potential through the arts, in turn empowering and contributing to their communities. This program was developed and guided by our director Luis Salgado and a dedicated team of teaching artists that, throughout the years, have continued to believe in and support our mission.

BWS 2015 Teachers:

Rickey Tripp, Gabriela Garcia, Amanda Turner, Seth Stewart, Valeria Cossu, Robert LaFosse, Akiko Aizawa, William Wade, Ian Hersey, Marcus d. Harvey, Sarah Sirota, Arielle Rosales, Lara Tant, Greer Gisy, Jonathan Mendez, Marcus Paul James, Mary Ann Lamb and Luis Salgado.

And Beyond

As part of our tradition we concluded the program with an invitation to friends and families to join RL for a final celebration of the student’s process. This year Rickey Tripp took the role of artistic director for the dance cycle of the BWS and directed the final sharing on March 7th. Participants shared dance numbers, songs, short scenes and ensemble work as part of the celebration.

We share with you some of the students comments and experiences!


-Mariana Guillén / Mexico

I’m extremely excited and feel blessed to be part of 2015 Beyond Workshop Series. Everyday is a challenge and feels like I am taking a step closer to making my dreams come true.This experience with R.Evolución Latina have been incredible! I am reminded every day by my teachers and peers of the beauty and power of creating. I am overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges with open arms, daring to go beyond, knowing that we are not alone. We all have a voice, so let’s let ourselves be heard! Gracias, gracias, gracias!


-Lillian González Arce / Guatemala

Estoy profundamente agradecida con RL. Estoy re descubriendo el potencial que hay en Guatemala para transformarnos como sociedad. Estoy re descubriendo mi propio potencial para contribuir a esa transformación. Estoy completamente fuera de mi zona de confort. Cuando uno esta ahí, solo hay una opción: abrir los ojos, abrir el corazón, aprender. El resultado: crecer Gracias RL!!!!


-Richel Ruiz / NYC

Participating in the RL Beyond Workshop Series has brought me a fresh, positive perspective towards my craft as an artist. The classes in the program were intense and the staff did a great job encouraging all of us to go beyond. The atmosphere of being part of a community that shares my love for the arts truly inspires me to continue my journey as an artist. Attending the workshop brought back the spark that I needed to keep the fiery passion towards my art burning.



Stay Tuned for more Info about Beyond Workshop Series 2016

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Thanks to Our Team and Group of Volunteers
Hanley Smith – BWS Program Coordinator
Monica Delgado – BWS International Liaison