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BWS 2014 was not only the 7th year of this workshop but it was also the 2nd time that BWS had an interdisciplinary format in which students are encouraged to interchange their strengths and weaknesses in order to learn from one another, experience team work and build community.

So what Happens for these 2 weeks
that leaves these Students so inspired?

  • 37 students, from NYC, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, spend 6 hours together with a collective willingness to this training and a hunger to improve themselves as the artists they are.
  • Participants are provided with a full day of demanding acting classes, powerful voice lessons and challenging choreographies. Due to the varying level of each individual, in the different disciplines, each journey of growth is unique, as they work to improve their skills and become empowered to go beyond.
  • Students are committed to developing an honest awareness of their own potential through the arts, in turn empowering and contributing to their communities.

The faculty included accomplished performing artists such as Matthew Steffens (Queen of The Night), Rickey Tripp (MOTOWN), Ian Hersey (Public Theatre), William Wade (Imaginocean), Luis Salgado (ROCKY) with guest teachers Gabriela Garcia, Valeria Cossu, Jaime Lozano, Robert Perillo, Ron Piretti, Donnie Mather, and international teaching artists Julie Fruendt, Alfredo Di Natale and Juan Pablo Lostannau from Peru.

Celebrating the students and Beyond:

Friends and family joined RL on April 7th for a final celebration of this brief, but substantial period of these people’s lives. Choreographies, songs, solos and games were a big part of this celebration led by RL’s director Luis Salgado. But the telling part of this night, was when participants took to the mic to express how much this experience meant for them, concluding that the most important thing they learned was the importance of believing in themselves, following their dreams and daring to go beyond.

And Beyond:

Once again, RL made a difference in the lives of the 35 students who were part of BWS, and an International impact by performing at the United Nations with Broadway Artists Daniel J. Watts and Constantine Maroulis.

These young artists went home taking with them the experiences of art, community and daring to go beyond, but above all that, The experience of Love.



After a month I am again at home, more than happy to have found what I needed in this lived experience with Beyond Workshop Series, that you, with your work, enable.

I am very pleased to have found discipline, dedication and professionalism in this world as “free” as art. RL is fighting for the perfect combination for you to grow and develop both artistically and in your personal life. And so, grow and feel great. Dare to go beyond means to me, not only daring to myself more but dare more with others, learn to share, learn always in me, even when I was surrounded by crowds.” -Ana Lu Polanco (Peru)

“Definitely the rigorous training and warming up was a valuable asset to the development of our focus and it strengthened us to allow ourselves to go beyond our pre-determined limits. The intensive-style program is comparable to, if not better than, most collegiate programs. Also, the bonds and connections formed with all involved are priceless!” -Jorge Loaiza (NYC)

Teacher Quotes:

“BWS creates an environment where students can TRULY be vulnerable and grow. It challenges students to Dare to Go Beyond each day. This program creates discipline and a work ethic needed to succeed in the arts today.” -Matthew Steffens (Dance Faculty)

“The enthusiasm, the appetite, the joy. Also the hospitality of everyone involved. Very accommodating and supportive.” -Donnie Mathers

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